Still breathing on Natalie news fumes but hang in there, we should start to get some news in a couple weeks or so. Until then…

– MrsKiraSayers has taken over our Tumblr from Amo. Things will continue as they did when Amo was still updating, which should mean a new Natalie photo every day.

– And then we have a couple Natalie posters in this great video feature on just how awful poster art has become. Can you guess which Natalie film they have in their sights? There are a lot to choose from, as this piece we did a few years points out.



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  1. 2 years ago by AMSSERME

    Hollywood simply lacks originality.Example:The poster for Thor The Dark World is a exact carbon copy of the Iron Man 3 poster.But the fact is that both films were Mega Box Office Hits,so we can expect Marvel and Hollywood to continue this trend.About Natalie’s movie posters I think it has suffered of the same generic treatment given to all films shown in the video.Perhaps the exception is the Black Swan posters and No Strings Attached poster which gave audiences an idea what the movie was about.

  2. 2 years ago by Antienne

    Even if it’s satirical. It confirm everything I read elsewhere on the stereotypization of Hollywood Industry. It’s not a question of lack of creativity but a reductio ad absurdum on stereotypes in movies, romance movie, horror movie, action movie, indie movie, if the Poster look the same, it’s cause the movies are the same. It’s just the consequence of a strictly commercial and rationalist thinking and Pavlovian conditioning of the audience. What did the author of this video, call poiesis. Now he need and probably do the same thing to the content.

    Kevin Spacey said, Hollywood produces only amusment park heroes. Natalie said, i don’t remember when, she dosn’t like when people ask to take pictures. Cause she’s not Minnie Mouse. Something like that. But when you do stereotypical movie like Thor, who are just money machine has say David Letterman in her last interview. Don’t blame people to do that. Don’t blame people for watching you like Minnie Mouse, if you play a Minnie Mouse character.

    I know, I annoying everyone.


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