Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with a new-old behind-the-scenes photo of Natalie filming in front of the blue screen on the set of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. Thanks to Kitten for the find!



3 Responses to Gallery Updates

  1. 2 years ago by Cédric42

    it is still incredible that Natalie does not have a good memory of Star Wars as it is his best-known public role and the role that made ​​her famous

  2. 2 years ago by natness

    What a cutie. I can see why the guy´s smiling :)

    @ Cédric42: The films boosted her popularity simply because they had “Star Wars” written on them. Tummy-top Natalie made a lot of teenager nerds happy (including me). Still, I think it´s easy to understand why working with Lucas can be frustrating. He´s not an actors´ director, and neither are the “sets” they used for the prequels. Just look at the photo. This clearly isn´t an artist´s natural environment. Hence, I can see why this was probably not the best, artistically most challenging experience in her career.

  3. 2 years ago by Boshudi

    Never before had they seen such firepower from the new all terrain padme transportman.


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