Natalie and her mother were spotted while shopping at a Rite Aid pharmacy in Los Angeles today. As usual, Daily Mail and Zimbio have the photos:



3 Responses to Shopping on Valentine’s Day

  1. 2 weeks ago by Rhea

    Her mom’s in town, she really must be almost due… Months ago someone said her due date was around the Oscars, I guess that information was pretty accurate.

  2. 2 weeks ago by Namor12a

    Double congratulations: “M” for Mothers…Mother Of Natalie and Mother of…!?¡:”From both hearts beating inside my miraculous female body, to our new president: You started a revolution. – Natalie Portman # WomensMarch”- in:natalie portman ‏@ natportmanfeed

  3. 2 weeks ago by Namor12a

    :Joyeuse St. Valentin à toute la famille……


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