Pretty quiet in Natalie land again but here are a few mini news items to tide us over.

– Starting with confirmation that Natalie will be attending We Day on March 26th. What is We Day? Click here to see Natalie introducing the event.

– Awards Daily also thinks Jane Got A Gun has an outside shot at some Academy Awards love by naming it among the second tier in their early predictions for next year.

– Finally, I’m not sure where this is but a more awesome piece of graffiti you’ll struggle to find. Here’s a closer view.


Thanks to Belerofonte and Mayi.



4 Responses to Tidbits

  1. 12 months ago by Adonis

    This photo could come from Mexico ..
      The idea Mathilda so nice to perpetuate as graffiti icon is amazing ….
    Only a great Leon fan could do something like that

  2. 12 months ago by Mirta Tristán

    Hi, actually this pic is near to my house. San Nicolás de los Garza, México. It’s a great painting.

  3. 12 months ago by Adonis

    Hi, I have the address, but where is Mathilda?
    Was perhaps from previous years ….

    Here is the Street View
    Anillo Vial Metropolitano
    Nuevo Norte Periférico Sección 3, NL, Mexico – approximate address

  4. 11 months ago by Pete Buckley

    That’s what I call Art…


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