The Jackie Trailer Poll

The Jackie trailer landed this week so it’s time to check the pulse of Natalie fans. Was it everything you had hoped?

Jackie is the winner of our last poll, which pitted the film against Natalie’s pregnancy and general activity. It was a clear winner but all three options had their supporters.



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New Poll + HBO Results

We’re well overdue a new poll…hang on, I said that last time didn’t I? More polls! There are obviously a lot of potential topics but I’ve decided to go with the big picture.

As for the last poll, if you can cast your minds back that far, you guys are generally amped about her forthcoming HBO project. Although, one wonders if that is still on the cards with Natalie, given recent events…



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It’s time for a new poll and Annihilation is my obsession at the moment so here is a timely poll about what exactly has YOU guys most amped about the currently shooting film.

Speaking of Annihilation polls, it went up against Thor 3 in the last poll and wow, was it ever close.



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The last poll (see results below) showed that most Natalie fans are disappointed that Natalie seems unlikely to be part of Thor 3, at least in a significant way. Given that Thor 3 starts filming in June and Annihilation, the Alex Garland sci-fi flick, starts filming any week now, it is conceivable that Natalie could have only been in one of the films.

I’m not saying this is true but I wondered, if all the fans that are upset at Natalie not being in Thor 3 were told “it’s because of Annihilation”, would that change things? So below there is a simple poll – if you could only choose one, which film would you want Natalie to do?

As for those Thor 3 results, here they are.



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New Poll


It’s been awhile since we did a non-Charlies poll so let’s kick back into it by seeing how you guys are handling the news that Natalie is seemingly not going to be in Thor: Ragnarok.


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Charlie Award Winners

Okay, it’s time to tie a ribbon around 2015 and say adios. You guys voted on a bunch of categories and here is the winner in each.


The most anticipated film of 2016 was Jackie but there was almost a shock win for Jane Got A Gun, which was in second place by only three votes. I suppose the fact that it was “in the news” at the time of the vote explains the bias.


Best public appearance was a lot more comfortable with Natalie’s Cannes look running away with it.


Best editorial photo was incredibly close with 6 votes separating the top 3 images. However, I personally think the right image won in the end.


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Charlies: Rate the year

Well that took long enough. Like the post production on a Malick film, the Charlie Awards has taken a leisurely stroll to completion. Today we have the final category for you to vote on – simply, rate the 2015 Natalie year in news. 5 is the best Natalie year you could imagine. 1 is the worst. And then everything in between.

Rate The Year

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Be sure to keep an eye out for the winners, which will be posted next week.


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Thanks for your votes for the Best Natalie News of 2015, now you need to do the same for the Worst News of 2015.

Worst News Of The Year

Total Voters: 159

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The Charlie Awards continue with the Best News of the Year. The film announcements probably could have all been included but that wouldn’t have left much room for anything else. In any case, what stood out as the best Natalie news of 2015?

Best News of the Year

Total Voters: 132

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Charlies: Best Drawing

The Charlie Awards moves onto the Best Drawing category. While we didn’t have as many entries as the previous year, I still think we were able to narrow it down to five very strong Natalie drawings.

Best Drawing

Total Voters: 108

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The Charlie Awards roll on the Best Video Category. There was actually quite a lot to choose from this year but this is the final five for you to vote on.

Best Video Appearance

Total Voters: 93

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The Charlie Awards continues its leisurely pace as today we focus on the Best Advertising Photo category. There wasn’t a lot to choose from this year but there are a couple stunners in play. As always, make sure you click to view the full images before voting.

Best Advertising Photo

Total Voters: 234

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It’s time for the next category in our annual Charlie Awards. There were a lot of great editorial photos to choose from today. After much hand-wringing, this is what we came up with.

Best Editorial Photo

Total Voters: 250

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Now that things are a bit quieter it’s time to jump back into the Charlie Awards. Today we want to know your pick for Natalie’s best public appearance of 2015. Please don’t just rely on the thumbnail – click it and take a good look at the album to jog your memory. Then vote!

Best Public Appearance

Total Voters: 252

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It’s definitely time for a new poll and rather surprisingly 2016 has already provided several talking points. In the end I’ve decided to see what you guys think about the new Christian Dior Parfums shot, which I personally think is gorgeous but when it was suggested that I should zoom in…yeah, I see the other side of the argument as well.

As for the previous poll, while both InStyle photos are stunning, you guys definitely preferred the medium shot.



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Time for a new poll and on a suggestion from the community I’ve gone with a photo battle between the two new InStyle photos. To refresh your memory…

Up Close
Medium Distance

Two gorgeous photos but which one is your favourite?

There have been two trailers since our last poll but the feedback is in on the first trailer and it’s fairly positive. I think the trailers since then have done a better job of it so the results might be even more positive now. The results are below.



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It’s about time for a new poll and I decided that you guys should get to finally weigh in on the Jane Got A Gun trailer.

As for the results of our previous poll, you guys thought the TIFF premiere look was the better of the two ATOLAD premiere looks. Not sure I agree with that one…



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Wow, it’s definitely time for a new poll. There are a few worthy topics but I’ve decided to go with a death match poll (one thing versus one other thing) about Natalie’s two recent ATOLAD premiere looks.

As for the last poll, if you can even remember that far back, while I thought the Marie Claire shoot was a big heap of “meh”, you guys generally thought differently. In fact the winning choice was the one stating that it was one of her best shoots ever, which kind of blows my mind.



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New Marie Claire Poll

It’s high time for a new poll and while I do want to do one about the new trailer, I want to start by doing a pulse check on Natalie’s Marie Claire UK shoot. Opinions seemed quite divided, which should make for intriguing results.


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Fixed Poll

Well I hope it’s fixed. Some people weren’t seeing the last poll so I started a new one. Please let me know if this does the trick.


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