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We’ve had plenty of days without pictures or public appearances by Natalie, but here we have a couple of little Tidbits…

-Xavier Dolan revealed a few days ago a teaser poster of his next film, “The Death and Life of John F. Donovan”. Unfortunately, Jessica Chastain is the only actress to appear in it. Hopefully we can also see Natalie and the rest of the cast in upcoming posters:

-Kirk Simon’s documentary “The Pulitzer at 100” will finally be released on 21 July in New York City. The film explores the effect the Pulitzers have had on the country’s culture in the century since their inception by way of interviews with previous winners, including authors, journalists, playwrights and musicians. Also featured in the documentary are readings of Pulitzer-winning works as presented by some of Hollywood’s brightest stars, including Natalie, Helen Mirren and Martin Scorsese. Here is the trailer:

Song To Song Review

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I came to Song to Song from a bit of a strange place. I adore a lot of Terrence Malick’s earlier films – sure, they will often frustrate, but they are also capable of moments of beauty that transcend the form.

But Malick’s last two films, To the Wonder and Knight of Cups (with Natalie), left me mostly frustrated and cold. What used to feel poetic now felt unfocused and forced. What used to leave a deep impression now felt shallow.

Song to Song doesn’t quite get back to making me feel how I did about his earlier work, but there are moments that reminded me of those films. Don’t get me wrong, I still wouldn’t recommend this film to anyone. It’s going to be maddening for anyone looking for a narrative to hold onto. But in the music, tragedy and striking images, there was enough for me to remain engaged throughout. Read More

Fall Release for Annihilation?

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Last Tuesday, Paramount’s new CEO Jim Gianopulos presented at CineEurope in Barcelona an advance of the company’s upcoming films, including an extended look of Annihilation, Alex Garland’s film starring Natalie, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Tessa Thompson and Gina Rodríguez. Although the movie has not set a release date, the new head of the company included the film as one of its fall releases in a recent interview for The Hollywood Reporter:

What’s your ideal mix of movies?

It’s not so much the size of the movies. If you look at our fall schedule, we have Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! [with Jennifer Lawrence], which is a completely original film. Alex Garland’s Annihilation is finishing now, and there’s George Clooney’s Suburbicon and J.J. Abrams’ production of the new Cloverfield film. We also have Alexander Payne’s Downsizing.

I hope this means that we can see the film later this year. We will know soon…

Thanks to Away with the Pixies for the info.


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There is not much news in the last days, but here are a couple of them in the form of tidbits…

-A couple of weeks ago, TMZ broke the news that Natalie had bought a new house in Montecito, in the hills of Santa Barbara. Here we have a few photos of this dream house:

-Song to Song, Terrence Malick’s latest movie, will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and UltraHD on July 4, and in it, we can see Natalie more beautiful and sexy than ever. After the jump we have a photo from the movie and a little clip with her, Michael Fassbender and Holly Hunter as protagonists:

Read More

Natalie and Pablo

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Not everything is going to be pictures of Natalie and Amalia. On Tuesday we saw Natalie and Pablo Larraín (her director in Jackie), in a meeting in the streets of Los Angeles. This time, Gotceleb has the photos:

More candids

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The days go by without great news in Natland. The only notable event is Natalie and Amalia, photographed almost every day walking through Los Feliz by the paparazzi. Daily Mail has new photos today:


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day 4 of PORTMANIA is June 9th! the last Day of PORTMANIA 19 which is, of course, NATALIE’S BIRTHDAY!


Today she turns 36. this is a cause of celebration around the world!!!! And what better way to celebrate than with the final four categories of the Charlie Awards?

first up in Best Video is… Natalie playing Password with JJ Abrams and Neil Diamond! and one of the Higgins Boys.

The second and third category is the Best and Worst News of the Year! The Best News was Natalie being Pregnant with her Second Child!

The Worst News is Natalie not appearing in Thor: Ragnarok

and the last category was rating the year 2016 which you guys rated at a 4 out of 5! hooray!

alright! now what? now a Natalie Portman FACT!

Natalie FACT: (warning Natalie FACTS are coarse and rough and irritating and they get everywhere) Natalie once ate an entire bag of jellybeans just to prove a point! Not a soul knows what that point was. it might have had something to do with Jellybean Jones but, again,

no one knows for sure.

and so ends another PORTMANIA. every year is a good year when Natalie Portman is around but this year was the best year ever because there is now TWO NatKids!! i’m sure that will be reflected at the next Charlie Awards. Thanks to Dazza for keeping the site going all the time and thanks to YOU, the viewer for wanting to know more about Natalie. Next year will also be PORTMANIA #20! so start saving up now because it’s an anniversary year and i’m going to have lots of merchandise to sell. maybe i’ll jar some pickles! until then, my friends…


Birthday kisses

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Sanji will be back with the special Portmania/Charlies/Birthday update but here’s something a little special from Shanna Besson, the daughter of Luc (director of The Professional) Besson.

“Awwww” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Happy 36! ?

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