Sunday Tidbits

It has been an intense week as far as Natalie news is concerned. The premiere of Song to Song has eclipsed everything else, so here is a reminder of other interesting news in the form of Tidbits:

Vulture wrote a couple of days ago an interesting article about Natalie and how critics don’t let her “grow up”

The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards, the student film sponsored by James Franco, and with Natalie as one of its protagonists, finally got distribution in the USA. Hopefully this will mean finally seeing the film in some way, after two years in which it has only been seen in some festivals.

Annihilation, the last film of Alex Garland, had a test screening this week in New York. Although the reactions are embargoed, it has transcended that it’s probably an atypical sci-fi movie, difficult to sell to an audience, with great performances of the whole cast. Paramount has not set a release date yet, but it could be later this year or even in the spring of 2018. Hopefully we do not have to wait that long …

-Finally, here we have a couple of vfx reel videos of Jackie, which demonstrate what digital technology can do today to help a low budget production like this:

The second video shows the scene of the murder, which is a bit tricky, so I put it after the jump:



2 Responses to Sunday Tidbits

  1. 2 weeks ago by Namor12a

    :The acronym VFX is a little misleading. What is VFX?…VFX is “Visual Effects”, The Visual Effects are Very Fine, Jackie is Rated R for brief strong violence and some…language. Natalie Portman is an extremely good actress and now that she is mature she can render extraordinary performances if she gets the right movie roles…I think the Visual Effects should not eclipse the performance of The Star of The Movie…

  2. 2 weeks ago by Stanley Krise

    Since people are trying not to let her grow up. I wonder if they are trying to get her in birthday suit. 😀


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