Conversation at the Paley Center

Natalie, Moses Ingram and director Alma Har’el attended a special screening of Lady in the Lake at the Paley Museum in NYC last week. We reported this at the time, but yesterday the Paley Center YouTube account posted the full video of the subsequent Q&A. There are 53 minutes of a very interesting conversation, with the actresses and the director recounting a lot of anecdotes during the filming of the series. The video is after the jump:


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“Lady in the Lake”: First Reviews

Lady in the Lake, the miniseries directed by Alma Har’el, premiered this Friday on Apple TV+. The first reviews were released late on Thursday (something common for Apple series). Watching the trailer released a month ago, it was to be expected that the reviews would be strongly divisive… and so they have been; Traders such as Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The Daily Beast or Rolling Stone have been quite harsh in their articles, while others such as The Guardian, IndieWire, Time or the Washington Post have evaluated the proposal quite positively. Take a look at the compilation that we have made after the the jump:


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”Lady in the Lake” available on Apple TV+

Today is the day: Lady in the Lake, the miniseries directed by Alma Har´el and starring Natalie and Moses Ingram, is available on Apple TV+ starting today, Friday, with the first two Episodes. A new episode can be seen every Friday until August 23, and each one will last approximately fifty minutes.

While we wait for the first reactions, we have a short featurette with interviews with the cast and behind-the-scenes images. Enjoy:


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