Q&A With Natalie and Brady in LA

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A notice to all California fans: Natalie and Brady Corbet will attend a couple of Q&A at the ArcLight and AMC Cinemas in Los Angeles during the weekend of the American premiere of Vox Lux:

New Vox Lux Still & Costume Exhibition in NYC

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Only two weeks left for the North American release of Vox Lux, and promotional material is slowly emerging, like this new still of Natalie, characterized as Celeste in the film:

… And all fans who live near New York can visit an exhibition of costumes that Natalie wears in the film, located at the AMC theathers at Lincoln Square:

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LA Times Entertainment Article

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LA Times published an article today about actors who have played singers in recent months. This is the quote on Natalie and Vox Lux:

Months before shooting began, she also recorded a selection of tracks written by Sia and singer-songwriter and producer Scott Walker — it was the first time she’d ever been called on to sing so extensively for a role.

The experience left her with newfound respect for hit-makers and performers. “Pop stars are this incredible force of nature,” Portman said. “There’s a mystery there, an internal force that propels them. It’s a really hard life. You watch any of these documentaries, and it is so much work. I think what [makes them such fascinating figures on screen] is that special charisma that everyone is attracted to combined with this unbelievable work ethic and then the very human toll it takes.”

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Natalie Portman x Wes Anderson

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One of my favourite Natalie films is, the short – Hotel Chevalier, which was part of The Darjeeling Limited. Darjeeling was one of Wes Anderson’s weaker films but Chevalier was gold!

I’m a huge fan of the director and have hoped they would reteam again. New reports suggest, it might be on the cards…

Wes is prepping a French musical with an eclectic cast, as usual. Tilda Swinton has just joined and now Natalie and Brad Pitt are two of the names being linked. You can read about it on The Playlist.

Natalie Portman Hotel Chevalier

Gold Derby Interview Video

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Gold Derby website has published a long video interview with Natalie, recorded during the press junket of Vox Lux at the Four Seasons hotel last week. It´s great, here it is:

AFI Fest Videos

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Finally we have some videos of Natalie on the red carpet of Vox Lux at the AFI Fest yesterday, and the conversation after the screening. Enjoy:

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IndieWire Video

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IndieWire published yesterday a short video interview, recorded during the Indiewire Honors last week, in which Natalie talks with Eric Kohn on the similar attention given to celebrities and ‘violent perpetrators’. Here is the video on YouTube:

Telethon for America

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Natalie, Jessica Alba, Judd Apatow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Allison Janney, Jane Fonda, Chelsea Handler, Lil Rel Howery, Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron, Adam Devine, Whitney Cummings, Connie Britton, Alyssa Milano, Nina Dobrev, Sophia Bush, Chris Redd, Lily Collins, Sean Hayes, Justin Theroux, Zoe Lister-Jones, Kevin Smith and Nick Kroll are just a few of the stars that came together for the Telethon for America on Monday. The initiative promotes voting ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections:

Natalie spoke about the importance of voting and pointed out women haven’t been able to vote for even 100 years.

As citizens, it is our duty to our country, communities, family and most importantly to ourselves to exercise our right to vote,” said Portman. “This is not a right to be taken for granted. Did you know that women in America have been voting for less than 100 years?

Vox Lux Press Junket

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It seems that Natalie has been doing a Press Junket for Vox Lux this Monday. I guess we will soon see more photos and videos in the coming days. At the moment we only have a few instagram and Twitter images:

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Deadline: The Contenders

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Natalie, Raffey Cassidy and Brady Corbet attended this morning “The Contenders”, an event organized by Deadline at DGA Theatre in LA, in which several films that are rumored for the awards season have been presented, and Vox Lux is one of them. These are the first photos (and video) of the appearance:

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Vanity Fair Outtake

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Photographer Erik Madigan Heck has shared in his instagram account a gorgeous outtake photo from the recent Vanity Fair photoshoot. Thanks to Edenliao for the find:

More IndieWire

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Today the IndieWire Honors are presented, and we have another article in which the director of Vox Lux, Brady Corbet, praises Natalie:

I’ll spare everyone the details of how difficult it was to put such a film together, but needless to say, I eventually found my Gena Rowlands. I will also say that “Vox Lux” would not exist if not for Natalie’s participation and dedication, in that order. I’ve never worked with someone more prepared or daring.

The article also gives us the opportunity to see the first official “behind the scenes” still: