New Angie Tribeca Clip

The episode of Angie Tribeca in which Natalie appears will be broadcast next Monday on TBS, and here we have a new, hilarious clip:



3 Responses to New Angie Tribeca Clip

  1. 3 weeks ago by Make Me

    So this show is basically a modern “Police Squad!”.

  2. 3 weeks ago by Namor12a

    Angie Tribeca in which Natalie Portman appears will Broadcast next Monday on T.B.S. T.V. …on normal U.S. Cable T.V. …!?¡ in Turner Broadcasting System or in Tokyo Broadcasting System!?¡

  3. 3 weeks ago by AMSSERME

    @Namor12a-It will broadcast at TBS a US cable TV .That stand for Turner Broadcasting System.It will broadcast tomorrow at 10:30PM EST.


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