[ Title ] [ Filmed ] [ Director ] [ Role ]
A Tale Of Love And Darkness 2014 Natalie Portman Fania
Jane Got A Gun 2012 Gavin O’Connor Jane Hammond
Untitled Terrence Malick 2012 Terrence Malick ?
Thor 2: The Dark World 2012 Alan Taylor Jane Foster
Knight Of Cups 2012 Terrence Malick ?
No Strings Attached 2010 Ivan Reitman Emma
Thor 2010 Kenneth Branagh Jane Foster
Black Swan 2009 Darren Aronofsky Nina
Your Highness 2009 David Gordon Green Isabel
Hesher 2009 Spencer Susser Nicole
The Other Woman 2008 Don Roos Emilia
Eve (Short-film) 2008 Natalie Portman None
New York, I Love You 2008 Portman/Nair Rifka
Brothers 2007 Jim Sheridan Grace Cahill
The Darjeeling Limited 2007 Wes Anderson ?
The Other Boleyn Girl 2006 Justin Chadwick Anne Boleyn
My Blueberry Nights 2006 Wong Kar-Wai Leslie
Hotel Chevalier (Short-film) 2006 Wes Anderson ?
Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium 2006 Zach Helm Molly Mahoney
Goya’s Ghosts 2005 Milos Forman Alicia/Ines
V For Vendetta 2005 James McTeigue Evey Hammond
Free Zone 2005 Amos Gitai Rebecca
Closer 2004 Mike Nichols Alice/Jane
In Search Of Ted Demme 2003 John Walter Herself
Star Wars: Episode III 2003 George Lucas Padme
Garden State 2003 Zach Braff Samantha
Cold Mountain 2002 Anthony Minghella Sara
Paris, je t’aime – True (Short-film) 2002 Tom Tykwer Francine
Domino One (Student film) 2002 Nick Louvel Dominique
The Seagull (Theater) 2001 Mike Nichols Nina
Zoolander (Cameo) 2000 Ben Stiller Natalie Portman
Star Wars: Episode II 2000 George Lucas Amidala
Where the heart is 1999 Matt Williams Novalee Nation
Anywhere but here 1998 Wayne Wang Ann August
The Diary of Anne Frank (Theater) 1998 James Lapine Anne Frank
Star Wars: Episode I 1997 George Lucas Amidala/Padmé
Everyone says I Love You 1996 Woody Allen Laura Dandridge
Mars Attacks! 1995 Tim Burton Taffy Dale
Heat 1995 Michael Mann Lauren Gustafson
Beautiful Girls 1995 Ted Demme Marty
Developing (Student short-film) 1994 Marya Cohn Nina
Léon (a.k.a The Professional) 1993 Luc Besson Mathilda