A Tale Of Love And Darkness


Director: Natalie Portman
 Natalie Portman, Makram Khoury…

US Release Date: ? 
 February – March 2014

Natalie’s Character:  Fania

Plot Summary: We await a film synopsis…


Running Time: ? 
MPAA Rating:
 ? (USA)

Budget: ?


3 Responses to A Tale Of Love And Darkness

  1. 2 years ago by Eric Apoe

    Natalie, well thought I would give it one more try for you to hear this song….
    for A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS…looks like the film isn’t final?

  2. 2 years ago by Andy


  3. 4 months ago by Monique Rijkers

    I am interested to bring A TALE OF LOVE AND DARKNESS to Tolerance Film Festival. Is there anyone who i can contact and discuss about that? Thanks.

    Monique Rijkers


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