Natalie & Amalia

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Natalie was seen carrying Amalia in the streets of Los Angeles today. Once again, Daily Mail has a few photos. Baby´s face is blurred:

Natalie and Family

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Natalie and her parents were seen walking the streets of Los Angeles this Monday. Some photos can be seen here and here.

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Lunch in West Hollywood

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Natalie & family attended one of the “Marches for our lives” yesterday. Shortly after she was spotted with Amalia and a friend leaving a vegetarian restaurant in West Hollywood. Celebzz has the photos this time. It should be noted that Amalia’s face is clearly visible in them.

Coffee Time

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And more candid photos this week. Natalie was seen through the streets of Los Feliz yesterday morning. As usual, Daily Mail has the pictures:

Weekend Candids

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Natalie has been seen with her family this weekend on the streets of Los Angeles. As usual, Daily Mail have two different sets of photos. It should be noted that the faces of the children are blurred:

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A Day on the Beach

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Natalie and her family are about to end their vacations in Brazil, but the local press is not missing the opportunity to photograph their passage through this beautiful country. Quem magazine has a couple of illustrated articles; in the first one we can see Natalie, Benjamin, Aleph and Amalia on the beach of Ipanema, and in the second one Natalie enjoying the samba in Copacabana, and watching the fireworks in Rio during the end of the year. It should be noted that in both cases the faces of the children are clearly visible.

Click on the images to see them:

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New Year in Rio

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Natalie & family continue their holidays in Rio de Janeiro, and yesterday we were able to see some Instagram photos of their stay in the wonderful Brazilian city, taking advantage of the last hours of the year. In this picture we can see Natalie and Amalia in the beach (baby’s face is visible), and here we have another, enjoying the New Year’s carnival (thanks to Best of Portman for the find):

Happy New Year to all…

Family Day

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After a few days with some problems accessing the site, we finally return with news…

I don´t usually like to post family photos of Natalie in which the children are clearly portrayed, but I think this candids are worth it, perhaps because it´s one of the few times we have seen the whole family together. Natalie, Benjamin, Aleph and Amalia were spotted going to Arclight cinemas in Pasadena this weekend. Ok Magazine, via Legion Media, has the photos. It must be said that the faces of the children are clearly visible in all the photos: