Out for Lunch

More candid photos from yesterday. Again, Natalie and her mother were spotted out for a lunch in Los Angeles.

Click on the image to see the pictures:


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Morning Hike with Mom

Another morning hike for Natalie in Los Feliz today, this time with her mother… and Whiz. Zimbio has the photos:


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Shopping on Valentine’s Day

Natalie and her mother were spotted while shopping at a Rite Aid pharmacy in Los Angeles today. As usual, Daily Mail and Zimbio have the photos:


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Morning Hike in Los Feliz

The paparazzi closely follow Natalie’s pregnancy and her morning walks in Los Feliz. This time there are pictures from yesterday morning.

Click in the image below to see then…


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Family Time

Natalie were seen when she stepped out with Benjamin and Aleph (not pictured) in Los Feliz yesterday. Daily Mail has a couple of photos.


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Morning Candids

It seems that in the last few weeks, Natalie uses every morning to walk and stay in shape during pregnancy. Here are some pictures of the last couple of days, collected by Zimbio.

Click in the images below to see them:



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Morning Candids

And a few more candid photos: Natalie was spotted while grabbing breakfast at Intelligentsia Coffee today in Los Angeles. Zimbio has the pictures.


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Morning Hike

Natalie has not changed her routine today and the day that the Academy Award nominations have been announced, she has given her classic morning hike with a friend through Griffith Park. As usual, Zimbio has lots of candid photos:


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Stroll in Griffith Park

And here we have some candid photos taken today. Natalie was seen dressing comfortably, taking a walk in LA, and later with a friend in Griffith Park. Daily Mail and Zimbio have the photos:


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A walk in the park

And more candid photos. Natalie was seen yesterday strolling through a park in Los Angeles. This time Gotceleb has the pictures:



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Hike at Griffith Park

After a few days without seeing photos of Natalie, here are a few candids, taken this morning going for a hike with a friend at Griffith Park, in Los Feliz. As usual, Zimbio has the pictures:



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Shopping in LA

Natalie was spotted yesterday while shopping in a bookstore in California. Daily Mail and Just Jared have the photos:




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More candids

More candid photos from today: Natalie was spotted with a friend during a morning hike in Los Angeles. Zimbio and Just Jared have a few photos:



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Candids in LA

It’s time for a new ration of candid photos. In the first one we can see Natalie and Benjamin heading out to lunch yesterday. Just Jared has a few pictures of the moment:


And the second batch of photos is taken on Monday. Natalie was seen taking a morning walk in the streets of LA. This time, Daily Mail has the photos:



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Holiday at the cinema

I don’t usually post candid photos taken by fans, but this one is too good to be missed: Natalie queuing in a cinema, waiting to see “Lion”, right next to a Jackie poster 🙂


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Lunch in Los Feliz

Natalie was spotted out for lunch in Los Feliz today. This time Zimbio has the photos:



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More candids

Natalie and Benjamin were seen yesterday, heading to a doctor’s appointment in LA. Again, Just Jared has a few photos:



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Stroll around Beverly Hills

Natalie and Benjamin were seen walking around Beverly Hills today. Just Jared has a few pictures:



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Candids in Beverly Hills

Natalie was spotted with a friend drinking a sip of coffee this morning in Beverly Hills. This time Just Jared has a few photos:



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Premiere in Washington DC

Natalie attended a jackie premiere in Washington DC tonight. Just Jared has the first photos:


Earlier in the day, Natalie was seen stepping out in a black and white plaid jacket in New York City. This time, Zimbio has a few pictures:



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