Dior Magazine

After the preview of Natalie on the cover of Dior Magazine earlier this week, we now have some snapshots of her full editorial spread, thanks to Kitten (via moon-light-world). Can’t wait to see these in HQ.



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It’s our 14th birthday. Even though the site was around prior to that, it was laying dormant when myself, Sanjiro and a few old time Natalie fans convinced Audio to let us relaunch it. Seems like a lifetime ago now. I won’t belabour the point but just want to thank Kris and Rachel for putting so much work into the site over the years, as well as the regular contributors who now more than ever (as finding time to work on the site gets harder and harder) help keep the site bringing the Natalie news to her fans.

It’s also Valentines Day, so wishes go out to all the lovers out there. And especially those who are looking for that special someone (hopefully not holding out for Natalie, that ship might have sailed).

As a birthday gift for the fans and as a pretty decent Valentines Day gift, here is the video for Blooming Bouquet. Really gorgeous I’m sure you’ll agree…although I can definitely go the rest of my life without hearing that song again.


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Dior Knockout

Natalie is on the cover of the new Dior magazine and this is one stunner of a photo. Always been a huge fan of the sexy masculine/feminine look and she absolutely nails it here.

Thanks to Kitten for the find.



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More Dior

We’ve updated the gallery with four HQ behind-the-scenes shots from Natalie’s new Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet fragrance campaign. A big thanks to Kitten for the find.


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More Dior

While it’s not entirely new, it looks like those of you who voted for a new Dior campaign in the latest poll got your wish. Another promo for Miss Dior’s new Blooming Bouquet eau de toilette has popped up online, and we now have an HQ version of the photo used in the print ad.


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Blooming Bouquet

I think it was this time last year when the Dior news starting pouring in, ushering aside the Natalie news drought. I don’t think we’re going to get as much as we did last year but it’s great to see a new Natalie ad, for Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet, that is actually a really gorgeous image to boot. The Miss Dior aesthetic has been very feminine and lush, but this image adds just a slight edge and the combination is great.

Thanks to Kitten for the find.


There’s also a one sheet version.


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More Dior

I’ve updated the gallery with one more HQ and uncropped photo from Natalie’s 2013 Rouge Dior campaign. This one was actually used in a print ad, and (imo) is one of the better shots from the photo shoot. Thanks to eden Liao as always.



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More Dior

Eden found a full-sized and uncropped version of a photo used in Natalie’s 2013 Rouge Dior campaign that we’ve added to the gallery. Again, it’s difficult to tell if this is an outtake from the photo shoot for the print ads or just a behind-the-scenes set photo…


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More Dior

I’ve updated the gallery with a new behind-the-scenes photo from Natalie’s 2013 Rouge Dior campaign photo shoot (though given the messy theme of the shoot, it’s also possible that it’s an outtake). Thanks to eden Liao as always.


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Marie Claire Style

Natalie’s latest Frederic Auerbach photo shoot for Dior is being featured in an issue of Japan’s Marie Claire Style magazine. Hit the jump for for a text-free version of the cover photo and another new photo from the spread. Thanks to eden Liao!




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Nude Weekend Cancelled

Whoops. Just realized that despite my half assed search last night, I think Rachel has posted the DiorSkin Nude shots. Don’t know how I missed that. In any case, the gallery is here if you, like me, can’t remember.

So what I was going to post tomorrow is now going to be used today – a behind the scenes video of the shoot.

UPDATE – No embed playing allowed so you’ll have to click through.

UPDATE 2 – Annnd apparently Kitten posted this while I was on holiday. I guess the barrel is officially empty 😛


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Eden found a new photo from the Miss Dior commercial and BA-BAM.



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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with a new version of an old photo from Natalie’s latest Frederic Auerbach editorial featured in an issue of Vanidades Argentina. Thanks to Kitten for the find!



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Gallery Updates

We’ve updated the gallery with a larger version of a photo of Natalie from a Dior editorial featured in a June 2013 issue of Paris Match. Thanks to Belerofonte for the find!


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Gallery Updates

Breaking through the doldrums, Kitten found some more new shots from Natalie’s latest Frederic Auerbach editorial for Dior. Click through the preview to view six more striking photos in the gallery. Credit to moon-light-world.


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France Video

We’ve got a video from Natalie’s appearance at the Dior exhibition in Paris. It’s awkward…but kind of fascinating and entertaining as well. See for yourself.


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Gallery Updates

Kitten found five new B&W photos of Natalie snapped at the Esprit Dior, Miss Dior exhibition opening night at the Galerie Courbe at the Grand Palais in Paris earlier this month. Click the preview pic to view them in the gallery.


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Dior Event Video

French Elle has a video for the opening of the Dior exhibit in Paris. It includes quite a few shots of Natalie (and something for the Benheads as well) plus interviews at the beginning and end, and a peak at the short film that she shot for Shirin Neshat. Thanks to Fanatical.


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We have some more (and much higher quality) photos of Natalie attending the Esprit Dior, Miss Dior exhibition opening at the Grand Palais yesterday evening in Paris. We also have some candid photos of Natalie and Benjamin on their way to the event. Thanks to Kitten and Hannah!


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In Paris

Natalie is back in Paris for a Dior event of some kind. Here’s a little tease with, I hope, more to come later. Thanks to Kitten.



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