Dior´s Dinner: first look

It seems that Dior’s dinner hosted by Natalie and Benjamin tonight had a rather private approach, since no agency pictures have come out yet, but here we have a few instagram photos to see Natalie´s look:

@natalieportman #natalieportman #missdior #lacollenoire #christiandior @dior @diorparfums @jeromepulis @missdaphnee @sbhla

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Angie Tribeca is Tonight

Angie Tribeca´s episode in which Natalie makes a guest star appearance is broadcast tonight at 10:30 ET/PT… and Rashida Jones reminds us in her instagram account:

…. so, stay tuned 🙂


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Let’s get social

So, last week we hit 150k followers on our Facebook page.

And I just launched our Instagram account.

We have slightly less followers on there. Let’s fix that.

And a newsletter is coming.

And maybe some vids and designs and comics.

Belero is rocking the news and I’m hoping to carve out the time to rock some extra fun content. Let’s see where this goes.


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Weekly Tidbits

It’s been a month since Natalie gave birth to Amalia, and there have not been any public appearances or candid photos yet. Waiting for some relevant news, here are a few tidbits:

-There’s nothing official yet, but according to Jeff Sneider, film reporter and regular writer on The Tracking Board, Natalie (and Jennifer Lawrence), would have passed on the project about Getty kidnapping, directed by Ridley Scott:

Considering that the movie would start shooting in May, and that Natalie should also shoot her scenes for Xavier Dolan’s film this spring, it seems pretty credible. We will see if there is any news about it in the coming weeks…

-Song to Song will expand to more theaters next weekend, and Natalie has given a couple more interviews on the film. Here they are:

The Daily Beast: Natalie Portman Talks ‘Song to Song,’ Tupac, and the ‘Absurdity’ of the Trump Administration

Yahoo Movies: Natalie Portman on Terrence Malick’s ‘Wild and Free’ Improvisatory Groove for ‘Song to Song’

-Finally, here we have a new instagram still from Terrence Malick´s film, with Natalie and Michael Fassbender:



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Vanity Fair is publishing in its instagram account some great behind the scenes photos & videos from the special Hollywood issue. Here are a couple of them with a stunning Natalie:



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Women’s March

Natalie has joined with many other celebrities, and hundreds of thousands of people, in the Women’s March that are being celebrated in different cities around the country today. Washington D.C., New York or Los Angeles are just some of them. Natalie has attended the March in LA, in which 750000 people have participated, according to organizers. The LA Times has a complete coverage of the massive event in this city, here we have some great photos of the march around the country, and Daily Mail has several photos and videos centered on the celebrity attendees.

Update: Natalie also gave a short, inspirational speech during the march. here it is:



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Jackie Screening for Variety

Natalie attended a screening of Jackie tonight, hosted by Variety and AARP movies for Grownups Screenings. At the later private party, she posed with some of the guests, including Reese Whitherspoon, who recently praised the film on her Twitter account. Rex Features and Daily Mail have a lot of photos of the screening, and also some of the instagram photos taken during the event:




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The year begins very strong in Natland. While we wait for a trailer of Malick’s latest film and the Golden Globes ceremony next Sunday, here we have an abundant ration of tidbits…

-Last Monday, Natalie was honored with an award at the Palm Springs Festival. Tom Hanks was in charge of it, and he delivered to Natalie an awesome introduction speech. Here is a small sample of his kind words to her (thanks to Fanatical610 for the find):

While Hanks introduced Natalie, she was backstage, and a photographer caught a really nice moment …



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Happy New Year

Happy new year to all Natalie fans. And to celebrate this coming year, full of news and projects about our favorite actress, what better than a congratulation of Natalie herself, made for DiorMakeup instagram account. Thanks to Cherryvanilla for the find:


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Jackie Tidbits

Before the end of the year, here are a few more tidbits about Pablo Larraín’s film…

-First of all, Here we have a long interview with Natalie for “Happy Sad Confused” MTV podcast, in which she tells about the movie, her career… and she also finally answers the million-dollar question: Which Star Wars film will she show her children first?

The Wrap has another interesting interview with Natalie on portraying the iconic First Lady.

-Sebastián Sepúlveda, the film editor, relates in this great article the challenge of assembling Jackie‘s many layers.

-Renowned writer Joyce Carol Oates praised in her twitter account the awards-bound Pablo Larraín drama for its ability to reflect painful realities about the contemporary political landscape. Entertainment Weekly has an article about it.

-Finally, a new still of Natalie, from the oficial instagram of the movie:


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Holiday at the cinema

I don’t usually post candid photos taken by fans, but this one is too good to be missed: Natalie queuing in a cinema, waiting to see “Lion”, right next to a Jackie poster 🙂


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Today Show Full Appearance

Natalie has been on the Today Show to promote Jackie this morning, and here we have the full video of her appearance:

… and after the jump, there is a photo of the interview:



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Jackie Tidbits

There is no doubt about it: Jackie is giving great joys to Natalie’s fans. Next week is going to be intense as far as news is concerned (Gotham Awards, an appearance at the Tonight Show, limited release in theatres…). Meanwhile, here are a few tidbits.

– Here we have a couple more photos of the THR actress roundtable (along Amy Adams):




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Planetarium releases in France

Planetarium opens in France today. Unfortunately, Rebecca Zlotowski’s latest film, starring Natalie and Lily Rose Depp, hasn´t had a critical reception as good as Jackie, but this movie supposes the opportunity to see our favorite actress in a mysterious and interesting role. To celebrate the release, here we have an interview (in French) of the director in Allocine, and a few instagram photos shared by some people of the crew (including the director herself).



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Screening at the Zanuck Theatre

Another day, another screening of Jackie. This time at the Zanuck Theater in Los Angeles. Natalie and Greta Gerwig attended a Q&A, and later they posed with some of the attendees to the event. Here we have a couple of instagram photos and a full video of the post Q&A:



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Taking advantage of this small hiatus of news, here are a new ration of tidbits…

-First of all, Natalie will receive an achievement in film award at the Israel Film Festival tomorrow, alongside Sharon Stone and Jay Sanderson, and surely we will have some photos of the gala dinner.

-The AFI Fest will start next Thursday, and one of the highlights of the festival will be the special gala of Jackie:

Opening Night is this Thursday! #AFIFEST #losangeles #filmfestival #jackie

A photo posted by American Film Institute (@americanfilminstitute) on



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Halloween Tidbits

Happy Halloween to any readers that care 😛

Just a few tidbits today, starting with something related to today.

– Kenya is the daughter of Nastassja Kinski and Quincy Jones and her Halloween outfit might look familiar.


A photo posted by Kenya Kinski-Jones (@kenyakinskij) on

– Next we have the cover of Natalie’s appearance in, and guest editor-in-chief of, Les Inrocks.



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Screening in Century City

Jackie had a new screening yesterday at Little Theater – Fox Studios, in Century City. Natalie and director Pablo Larraín attended the event, and here are a few instagram pictures (and a short video) to prove it:



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Jackie Tidbits

The film directed by Pablo Larraín and starring Natalie continues to generate news every week. Here are a few as Tidbits.

-First, a photo of “Jackie team”, taken during the screening of the movie for BAFTA members, a few days ago:



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Jackie press junket

This weekend Natalie has attended a press junket for the film at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City, and here are a few instagram pictures of the meeting with the press:



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