“Creator” Series

CNN Entertainment has made a series of short interviews called “Creator” to several actors, and Natalie is included among them. In this short video, she answers different questions about her career and her life:


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The Sunday Times Interview

Natalie gave an interview for The Sunday Times‘s culture magazine this weekend, and while she essentially says nothing new that we have not read in other articles, there are some interesting quotes. The List collects some of them. Here are a few:


About her “big roles”:

She seems quite unaffected by the prospect of an Oscar. When I venture that Jackie might be the biggest role of her career, she looks mildly surprised. “Oh thanks,” she mutters lightly. “I dunno, I can’t judge myself.”

When pressed, she will say that her greatest strength is her openness to failure. “I have done roles I have failed at — believe me, there are plenty of bad reviews out there.”



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Marie Claire UK Magazine

Marie Claire UK Magazine has a new interview with Natalie in its February issue. Although the photos that illustrate it are not new, the interview is interesting. Web version of the article is here, and the full print version here. (Thanks to Amo for the find).



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W Magazine Video

As a complement to the photoshoot we saw yesterday, W Magazine released today a short interview with Natalie about Jackie. The article is accompanied by a video belonging to the Screen Tests series, in which she talks about different anecdotes.

Here it is:

Also, we have one of the yesterday’s photos in glorious HD:



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Palm Springs Life Interview

Next Monday Natalie will be honored in an awards gala at the Palm Springs Festival along other actors such as Tom Hanks, Annette Bening, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, Andrew Garfield, Casey Affleck, Mahershala Ali, Ruth Negga and Emma Stone.

For this reason, Palm Springs Life Magazine has an extensive interview with the actress, in which she talks about the challenge of playing the famous First Lady in Pablo Larrain’s film. The article is illustrated with two new photos from Hollywood Reporter photoshoot in 2015:




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The Actor’s Side

Deadline interviewed Natalie for “Actor’s Side” series on the occasion of Jackie’s release. In the conversation with Pete Hammond, she talks about Pablo Larrain’s film, Thor, Star Wars & loving work. Here is the video:


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Jackie Tidbits

Before the end of the year, here are a few more tidbits about Pablo Larraín’s film…

-First of all, Here we have a long interview with Natalie for “Happy Sad Confused” MTV podcast, in which she tells about the movie, her career… and she also finally answers the million-dollar question: Which Star Wars film will she show her children first?

The Wrap has another interesting interview with Natalie on portraying the iconic First Lady.

-Sebastián Sepúlveda, the film editor, relates in this great article the challenge of assembling Jackie‘s many layers.

-Renowned writer Joyce Carol Oates praised in her twitter account the awards-bound Pablo Larraín drama for its ability to reflect painful realities about the contemporary political landscape. Entertainment Weekly has an article about it.

-Finally, a new still of Natalie, from the oficial instagram of the movie:


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Jackie Photography Tidbits

Christmas is approaching, and a certain hiatus of news with it. Until the awards events of January begin, Jackie will expand in more US cinemas this holidays. One of the highlights of the movie, apart from Natalie’s performance and the Mica Levi’s soundtrack, is the cinematography by Stephane Fontaine. Awards Daily has an interesting interview with him, in which he describes the difficulties during the shooting in Washington D.C. and the Paris studios.

Also, we have a new “for your consideration” poster, and a couple of behind-the-scenes photos:




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Jackie Tidbits

Taking advantage of this news break in Natland these last two days, we are going to collect some tidbits about the Pablo Larrain´s film.

-First of all, Natalie continues to receive several awards from various critics associations: Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix Circle and Kansas are the associations that have given recognition to the work of Natalie in the movie so far.

Fox 2 Channel has another of the many interviews that Natalie has given on the occasion of the premiere of Jackie, this time for Kevin’s Reel World:

Rolling Stone has an interesting interview with Pablo Larrain on how faced the challenge of directing two very different biopics such as Jackie and Neruda.

-Noah Oppenheim, screenwriter of the film, talks in Variety on the Limits of Dramatic License in ‘Jackie’.

-Finally, a curious note: Reese Witherspoon has published in her twitter account a message praising Natalie’s performance and encouraging the audience to see the film.


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Palm Spring Life Magazine

Palm Spring Life has an interview and cover story with Natalie. It’s the official magazine of the cinema festival in this city, where she will receive a special award at the gala held on January 2:



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Ellen’s Show video

Natalie is on Ellen’s show today, and here we have a couple of photos and a video clip of the interview, where they joke about the gender of the future baby:




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Charlie Rose appearance

Natalie and director Pablo Larraín were on Charlie Rose last week, talking about Jackie with A.O. Scott of The New York Times. Here is the interesting, full interview:

Natalie will also be on Ellen’s show this Wednesday. Thanks to crazzeematt and Leonardo for the notice


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Jackie Premiere Videos

After the maelstrom of news that has been these days with the US release of Jackie, comes a relative calm in Natland. Good opportunity to rescue news and videos of the week. To begin with, here are a few red carpet interviews at the Premiere in Washington DC last Thursday:



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Indiewire has an extensive article (written by Anne Thompson), about the process of creating Jackie. It also contains a long video interview with Natalie, in which she reveals the challenges of playing the famous first lady.

Click on the image below to see it:



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Actors on Actors video

Variety has published the full video interview between Natalie and Michelle Williams for “Actors on Actors”. In addition, both are protagonists of one of the three Variety covers this month:


Edit: added new portrait…



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Today Show Full Appearance

Natalie has been on the Today Show to promote Jackie this morning, and here we have the full video of her appearance:

… and after the jump, there is a photo of the interview:



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New York Magazine

Natalie is on the cover of New York Magazine, which dedicates an extensive article to the actress on the occasion of the US release of Jackie this week. The photos that illustrate it, work of Alex Prager, are really stunning.





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Jackie Tidbits

There is no doubt about it: Jackie is giving great joys to Natalie’s fans. Next week is going to be intense as far as news is concerned (Gotham Awards, an appearance at the Tonight Show, limited release in theatres…). Meanwhile, here are a few tidbits.

– Here we have a couple more photos of the THR actress roundtable (along Amy Adams):




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S/ Style Magazine

Natalie is in the cover of the winter issue of S/ Style Magazine, in which she talks about her work on Jackie. We hope to see more of this interview in the next few days….



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Natalie in Actress THR Roundtable

Natalie has participated in the already classic roundtables that The Hollywood Reporter organizes during the awards season. Here we can see a brief video of her participation along other actresses like Annette Bening, Emma Stone, Isabelle Huppert, Naomie Harris, Amy Adams or Taraji P. Henson.

Click on the image below to see it:


Also a few great photos from the meeting:




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