Natalie’s Interview on “Eating Animals”

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Natalie made an interview during the Telluride Festival for the radio program The Frame on Eating Animals, the documentary produced and narrated by her, based on the book by Jonathan Safran Foer. Here it is…

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Madame Figaro Interview and Photos

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Today is Friday, and finally we have the interview with Natalie (in French) in the last issue of Madame Figaro. Accompanying the article, we have a new batch of photos made by David Bellemere for Dior:

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The Cut Interview & Photos

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New York Magazine’s The Cut has a new interview with Natalie, in which she talks about her beauty routines. The article includes two new, stunning photos of the new Dior campaign:

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Planetarium Behind the Scenes Interview

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A brief behind-the-scenes video of Planetarium has emerged, on the occasion of the USA release of the film. In the clip, Natalie reveals that her character is a hustler who’s protective of her younger sister, Kate (Lily Rose-Depp):

Women´s Wear Daily Interview

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Planetarium, the film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski, will have a limited release next weekend in USA, and WWD has a short interview with Natalie because of it. In the article, she also briefly talks about her role in the Xavier Dolan´s film.

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And now the moment that everyone was waiting … a new ration of Tidbits.

Planetarium will be released in USA in just two weeks, and here we have a new clip of the film, in which we can see Natalie in a spiritualist session:

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Jackie video interview

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There is a total lack of news in Natland the past few days. So while we wait for events, here’s an old (but interesting) interview with Natalie, on the occasion of the premiere of Jackie a few months ago:

Song to Song interviews

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Terrence Malick’s latest film has a limited release in Los Angeles and New York today, and as a result, Natalie has given a couple of interviews about the movie. Here they are:

Vulture: Natalie Portman on Working With Terrence Malick and Watching Michael Fassbender Get Tackled by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

What do you think it is that Malick brings that makes actors love working with him?

He really breaks down the ritual of filmmaking that we’re all used to. It frees you, in a way, when you go on to something else afterwards. You feel freer because he reminds you that all the rituals aren’t there for a reason, and that you can kind of break them whenever you want, whenever you feel like it. Because you’re always creating these moments in his films, you’re not just following a script and making what’s happening on the page. You have to invent more, and you take that into other projects, too. When you are going into a film that does have a script, you bring that spirit with you.

Metro: Natalie Portman gushes about the unusual Terrence Malick

Were there other kinds of material he gave you to get you into your character?

He provided me with a lot of information — incredible books and films. It was kind of an education as well. A lot of great Italian films, like [Federico Fellini’s] “Juliet of the Spirits” and “La Strada.” He gave me “Middlemarch,” which I’d never read before, and “Daniel Deronda.” So a lot of Italian films and a lot of Eliot.

So your character here is basically a Fellini character crossed with an Eliot hero?

Yeah. [chuckles] She thinks marrying can help her get out of this bad situation, sort of in a 19th century way. And then, of course, that gets her into a much more tragic situation.

Song to Song Interview

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One Big Soul has collected a bunch of Song to Song interview footage. Here is Natalie’s video.

Jackie IndieWire Videos

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At this point we have seen a lot of videos and interviews with Natalie talking about the Pablo Larrain’s film. Well, here we have a few more for IndieWire and Spectrum in its “Contenders Conversations” series:

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Vanity Fair Video

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More videos from Vanity Fair Magazine are emerging gradually. This time Natalie talks about Jackie, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Dirty Dancing, and more…


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Taking advantage of this impasse of big news, here goes a few tidbits…

-With the release of Jackie in several countries outside of the USA, many interviews in different newspapers and Magazines are appearing. Amo has found one of them in the English magazine “The Lady”, in which Natalie denies some of the topics about her life that are often read on some sites.

-It seems to be confirmed that Mimi Leder will be the next director of “On the Basis of Sex”, the long-delayed biopic about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is not yet known when the movie will start filming, but it could be one of the projects that the actress approaches after her pregnancy. In her recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, she talked a little about the argument:

-Finally, someone has uploaded to YouTube a short Planetarium scene … and well, let’s say we had not seen anything like this since “Hotel Chevalier” 🙂

Video after the jump…

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The Envelope Article

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The Envelope, LA Times Magazine, has a new article about Natalie in Pablo Larrain’s film, which talks about the four steps she followed to become Jackie Kennedy, and with it, a new glamorous photo:

FAZ Interview

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung interviewed Natalie on the occasion of Jackie’s upcoming release in Germany. This was done during the press junket at the Peninsula Hotel a couple of months ago (just after the American presidential elections), so the questions about Pablo Larrain’s film are complemented with those related to Natalie’s support for the Clinton campaign in November. Here are some interesting quotes, translated from German. Thanks to our friendly German fans, and Arvid in particular:

About her language skills:

Mrs. Portman, in Wikipedia we can read that you speak German…

Unfortunately, this is not true. I can only use a few words, so probably most people.

But is it true that you speak French and Hebrew?

Yes, my French is also very flawed. At home we speak English.

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The Guardian Interview

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On the occasion of the release of Jackie in the UK, The Guardian has made a new interview with Natalie, in which she is asked about the film, her career, the Kennedy´s … and Trump. The article is accompanied by a great photo taken during the Palm Springs Festival:

Jackie Video Interviews

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Jackie debuts in UK and Ireland next weekend, and new video interviews with Natalie about the movie (and her career & life) are emerging. Here are a couple of them:

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“Creator” Series

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CNN Entertainment has made a series of short interviews called “Creator” to several actors, and Natalie is included among them. In this short video, she answers different questions about her career and her life:

The Sunday Times Interview

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Natalie gave an interview for The Sunday Times‘s culture magazine this weekend, and while she essentially says nothing new that we have not read in other articles, there are some interesting quotes. The List collects some of them. Here are a few:


About her “big roles”:

She seems quite unaffected by the prospect of an Oscar. When I venture that Jackie might be the biggest role of her career, she looks mildly surprised. “Oh thanks,” she mutters lightly. “I dunno, I can’t judge myself.”

When pressed, she will say that her greatest strength is her openness to failure. “I have done roles I have failed at — believe me, there are plenty of bad reviews out there.”

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Marie Claire UK Magazine

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Marie Claire UK Magazine has a new interview with Natalie in its February issue. Although the photos that illustrate it are not new, the interview is interesting. Web version of the article is here, and the full print version here. (Thanks to Amo for the find).


W Magazine Video

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As a complement to the photoshoot we saw yesterday, W Magazine released today a short interview with Natalie about Jackie. The article is accompanied by a video belonging to the Screen Tests series, in which she talks about different anecdotes.

Here it is:

Also, we have one of the yesterday’s photos in glorious HD: