New TIFF photo

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Here we have a new adorable photo, made in the Deadline studio during the last Toronto Festival by Chris Chapman:

TIFF Portraits

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Thanks to HQ Utopia, we have 8 gorgeous new portraits of Natalie taken by Maarten de Boer during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Click the preview to view them in the gallery.

Another TIFF portrait

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When we thought we had seen all the Natalie pictures in TIFF, photographer Matthew Brookes surprise us again with another stunning portrait for InStyle:

TIFF Straggler

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Photographer Matthew Brookes has posted a stunning new portrait of Natalie to his Instagram, taken at the InStyle studio during the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month:

Planetarium tidbits

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While Jackie had an excellent reception in Toronto and Venice, Planetarium, the other Natalie film premiered there, has not enjoyed the same fate. The film directed by Rebecca Zlotowski be released in France on November 16. Until then, here we have an interview with Natalie and Lily-Rose Depp, held at the TIFF by Variety:

And here, a couple of nice moments, immortalized in instagram, during its exhibition at both festivals:

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Jackie wins Platform Prize in Toronto

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New 'Jackie' Stills

Although La La Land was the film that won the desired Audience Prize, Jackie also won another major award in TIFF: the Platform Prize. Along the best screenplay award in Venice, this represents an excellent beginning for the film at the upcoming awards season, where it’s assumed that the Natalie’s performance will have the recognition it deserves.

More Jackie Tidbits

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Jackie, after passing through Venice and Toronto, continues to receive rave reviews (it has 95/100 on Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes right now). Many specialized media include the film as one of the best seen in the TIFF, and Natalie´s perfomance as one of the best seen in the festival:

Variety: 9 Standout Performances From Natalie Portman to Emma Stone

Toronto Sun: From Natalie Portman to Casey Affleck, 10 performances we loved

The Hollywood Reporter: Critics’ Picks: 10 Best Films of the Major Fall Festivals (So Far)

-In another vein, here we have another interesting video interview with Natalie and Pablo Larraín to Deadline, in which they talk about the challenges of the film in general and especially playing Jackie:

Deadline: Natalie Portman On ‘Jackie’: “She Took This Real Control Over Her Family’s Story”

-And finally, a new batch of rave, interesting reviews:

Film Book: JACKIE: A Triumph of Storytelling & Captured History

Boston Globe: Among Toronto’s thrills: a superb Natalie Portman in ‘Jackie’

Boise Weekly: Natalie Portman as Jackie, the Most Iconic, Mysterious Woman of Our Time

Joblo: Jackie review

Planetarium Tiff Review

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Here’s another TIFF review! Critics have been a bit hard on this French-Belgium production, and after viewing the film, I can unfortunately see why.

Rebecca Zlotowski is known for pushing boundaries, especially with 2013’s Grand Central. At 36, she has a future ahead of her. With the premise of Planetarium being leaked earlier this year, that film seemed like her future. Two sisters who are mediums being channeled by an early film maker? Sign us up! However, it isn’t once you watch the film that reality sets in. If anything, the first half an hour or so is actually spectacular and even magical. It is, instead, after this segment of the film that you find out how it really is. Planetarium has imaginative concepts, but you would have to lunge yourself to reach where the potential sits from where the film takes you. Planetarium had such promise, but it gets lost amidst its own ambitions.
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Even More TIFF Portraits

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The last round (though I’m sure there are a few more stragglers) of portraits of Natalie taken during the Toronto International Film Festival, starting with these two shots taken by Caitlin Cronenberg at W‘s on-site studio:

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Jackie Film Review

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Hey everyone. It’s been a while since I’ve written for this site. I attended both Jackie and Planetarium at the Toronto International Film Festival, and I am going to review both of these releases. First, here’s Jackie!


When Billy Crudup’s journalist character asks Jackie Onassis what it sounded like when the bullet went through her late husband’s head, you know you’re getting a grizzly depiction of how the John F. Kennedy assassination went down. Jackie is co-produced by Darren Aronofsky, who was originally slated to direct this film and have his ex parter Rachel Weisz star as the titular former First Lady. Aronofsky and Weisz abandoned their posts, but the former stayed with the project while Chilean director Pablo Larrain got put in charge. Aronofsky’s dismal filmmaking definitely can be felt here, as Larrain’s perception of the tragic event is almost unsettlingly real. Natalie Portman, also an Aronofsky affiliate, was selected for the main role, and the rest is history.
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TIFF videos

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The premieres of Jackie and Planetarium in Toronto is giving us abundant graphic and video material. Here a couple of examples: two short videos by THR and LA Times, with Natalie talking about Larrain´s film…

Jackie TIFF Premiere: second wave of reactions

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Just celebrated the premiere of Jackie in Toronto, and a new wave of amazing reactions is taking place:

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Jackie TIFF Premiere

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Natalie joined Pablo Larraín and Darren Aronofsky at the Toronto International Film Festival to present Jackie at the Winter Garden Theatre earlier this evening. Hit the preview below to view the first few photos from the red carpet in our gallery.

TIFF Portraits

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While we wait for the premiere of Jackie at the Toronto International Film Festival this evening, we can enjoy this portrait of Natalie taken at the Vanity Fair studio yesterday:

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Planetarium TIFF Premiere

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Natalie just attended the premiere of Planetarium at the Toronto International Film Festival this evening in Ontario. Hit the preview below to see her walking the (very wet) red carpet and joining Lily-Rose Depp and Rebecca Zlotowski onstage at Roy Thomson Hall to present the film.

Press Junket in Toronto

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Natalie is already in Toronto to promote Jackie and Planetarium. Here are the first instagram pictures (and videos), of the meetings with the press:

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Jackie Tidbits

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News from Venice and TIFF, where Planetarium and Jackie are playing, will make the next couple weeks very interesting indeed. Hopefully at least one of the films connects in a big way and based on the early buzz, Jackie is looking quite formidable.

The Hollywood Report has a piece about two scenes from Jackie being shown with Neruda at the Telluride Film Festival. Neruda is Jackie director, Pablo Larrain’s, OTHER new film.

Larrain said he had received an unexpected call from Darren Aronofsky just before Neruda got underway, asking him to make the Jackie O movie. His biggest alteration to the script, he said, was to take out one-third of the scenes, those that did not directly feature Jackie. He then told Aronofsky that he would only make the picture if the latter’s Black Swan star, Natalie Portman, played the lead, and Aronofsky set up a meeting between them in Paris. “She’s an extraordinary, extraordinary actress,” Larrain noted.

And after the jump a couple encouraging tweets from those who saw the preview in Telluride.
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Toronto Tidbits

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August is coming to an end, and fall festivals are just around the corner. Jackie and Planetarium will premiere both in Venice and Toronto, and the latter has released its final schedule today: the two films can be seen on September 10 and 11 in TIFF, and Natalie is confirmed on the guest list.


Also, synopses of both films were updated on the festival site, giving us interesting details about the plot, especially in the case of Jackie.

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