“Creator” Series

CNN Entertainment has made a series of short interviews called “Creator” to several actors, and Natalie is included among them. In this short video, she answers different questions about her career and her life:


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More Tidbits

And more tidbits to start the weekend:

-During the last two days the press has covered extensively the Natalie’s statements on the pay gap between actors and actresses in Marie Claire article. Ashton Kutcher, Natalie’s co-star in “No Strings Attached”, has also spoken about the issue by supporting her partner through his twitter account.

-A few months ago we learned that Natalie will collaborate with the Boston Calling Festival in a new film line-up, taking advantage of the fact that the Festival changes its headquarters to Harvard Athletic Complex. Yesterday the music line-up was revealed, and also we knew that Natalie’ s contribution will include a showcase of women-produced/directed films to be screened on the festival grounds at the Bright-Landry Hockey Center. This year the events will be held between May 26 and 28.

-Today is the last day for AMPAS members to vote the nominees for the next Academy Awards, and we all hope Natalie will be among the best actress nominees for her performance in Jackie. Until we know the answer, here is a new featurette on the film titled “Legacy”:


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New Dior Campaign

Dior launched a few days ago a new campaign for new Dior Forever Perfect Cushion. The campaign has Natalie as the protagonist, and consists of Alique photos already used in previous occasions. Here is the product website, and a new video:

Thanks to Edenliao for the find.


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Soundtrack Featurette

Fox Searchlight continues releasing videos on different elements of Pablo Larrain´s film: photography, screenplay, performances … this time it´s a featurette focused on the Mica Levi´s music for the movie, which has recently been nominated for BAFTA awards. Here it is:


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Waiting to see a trailer for Song to Song this week, here’s a new ration of Tidbits…

-In the last few hours, several media have echoed the statements that Natalie has made in the last issue of Marie Claire UK, on the disparity in wages between actors and actresses, setting the example of their salary in No Strings Attached, the comedy that starred opposite Ashton Kutcher in 2011. Here is the quote:

“Ashton Kutcher was paid three times as much as me on No Strings Attached. I knew and I went along with it because there’s this thing with ‘quotes’ in Hollywood,” she continued. “His [quote] was three times higher than mine, so they said he should get three times more. I wasn’t as pissed as I should have been. I mean, we get paid a lot, so it’s hard to complain, but the disparity is crazy.”

“Compared to men, in most professions, women make 80 cents to the dollar,” she continued. “In Hollywood, we are making 30 cents to the dollar.”

-It has gone unnoticed, but in the same interview Natalie also talked about the future Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s biopic. The article mentions Mimi Leder (Deep Impact, The Leftovers) as the new film”s director. Hopefully we will have more details about it in the near future…

-Here we have a funny video from W Magazine with lots of actors (including Natalie), trying to sing “I Will Survive”:



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W Magazine Video

As a complement to the photoshoot we saw yesterday, W Magazine released today a short interview with Natalie about Jackie. The article is accompanied by a video belonging to the Screen Tests series, in which she talks about different anecdotes.

Here it is:

Also, we have one of the yesterday’s photos in glorious HD:



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Palm Springs Film Awards Gala

Natalie and Benjamin attended the opening awards gala at the Palm Springs International Film Festival tonight, where she received the Desert Palm Achievement Award, given by Tom Hanks, for her role in Jackie. Zimbio and Popsugar have a lot of photos from the event, and here we have a small sample:




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Happy New Year

Happy new year to all Natalie fans. And to celebrate this coming year, full of news and projects about our favorite actress, what better than a congratulation of Natalie herself, made for DiorMakeup instagram account. Thanks to Cherryvanilla for the find:


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The Actor’s Side

Deadline interviewed Natalie for “Actor’s Side” series on the occasion of Jackie’s release. In the conversation with Pete Hammond, she talks about Pablo Larrain’s film, Thor, Star Wars & loving work. Here is the video:


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New Jackie Featurette for Variety

Variety has another exclusive featurette centered on the Noah Oppenheim’s script. In the video we can see some new scenes of Natalie in the Pablo Larrain’s film.

Click in the image below to see it:



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Jackie Clips

Fox Searchlight has uploaded on its Youtube channel a couple of short clips of the movie. In them, we can see the fascinating conjunction of the images with Mica Levi´s soundtrack. Enjoy:


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Jackie Tidbits

Taking advantage of this news break in Natland these last two days, we are going to collect some tidbits about the Pablo Larrain´s film.

-First of all, Natalie continues to receive several awards from various critics associations: Washington, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, Phoenix Circle and Kansas are the associations that have given recognition to the work of Natalie in the movie so far.

Fox 2 Channel has another of the many interviews that Natalie has given on the occasion of the premiere of Jackie, this time for Kevin’s Reel World:

Rolling Stone has an interesting interview with Pablo Larrain on how faced the challenge of directing two very different biopics such as Jackie and Neruda.

-Noah Oppenheim, screenwriter of the film, talks in Variety on the Limits of Dramatic License in ‘Jackie’.

-Finally, a curious note: Reese Witherspoon has published in her twitter account a message praising Natalie’s performance and encouraging the audience to see the film.


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Back to August

Before Jackie’s intense promotional campaign began in September, Natalie did the same with her directorial debut four months ago. On August 19, she attended a special screening of A Tale of Love and Darkness at Sunshine Cinema in New York, and finally here we have the complete video of the later Q&A, with a great image quality and perfectly edited. Enjoy:


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Jackie Costumes Featurette

People has an exclusive, great featurette centered on the costumes of Pablo Larraín’s film. Enjoy…

Click on the image to see it:


Edit: added YouTube link


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Huading Global Film Awards

Natalie attended the Huading Global Film Awards in LA tonight. This event dishes out honors to talent from all fields of entertainment, from stage theater to film, pop music to TV, and even traditional Chinese opera. The Huading Awards were founded in 2007; the nominees are selected by committee and the winners are chosen by popular vote over the award show’s website and other Chinese internet portals. Along with Natalie, other of the winners of this year are Bryce Dallas Howard, Hilary Swank, Mel Gibson and Sylvester Stallone. Zimbio and Daily Mail have a lot of photos from the event. These are just a few of them:




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Late Late Show Video

Natalie was at James Corden’s show last night, alongside Annette Bening. Among other anecdotes, here is a video in which the presenter reminds her of “World Patrol Kids,” the musical group in which Natalie sang and danced when she was only nine years old:



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Following the recent nominations of Natalie at the Golden Globes and SAG, Fox Searchlight releases a new featurette, centered on the famous White House Tour seen in the film. We can also watch new TV spots. Presumably, in the coming weeks the expansion in more theaters and US cities will be more than likely…



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Natalie has won the Best Actress Award at the Critics’ Choice for her portrayal of Jackie in Pablo Larrain’s film tonight. The movie also won two other awards: best costumes and makeup. Here we have a few photos from the gala, and a video where she is totally emotional with her family:



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New Jackie Featurette

Indiewire has a new exclusive featurette of the movie, in which Natalie, Pablo Larraín and the rest of the cast discuss Jackie Kennedy biopic.

Click on the image to see it:



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Great Performers: L.A. Noir

It seems that today we can see, through a VR app of New York Times Magazine, nine virtual reality films featuring actors who have given powerful performances on the big screen this year… and Natalie is one of them. Here is the video:

… and the photo after the jump:



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