Armchair Podcast with Dax Shepard

Natalie is a guest on Dax Shepard’s latest podcast, Armchair Expert. She returned to the program, recorded a few weeks ago, to discuss what she’s currently consuming, the broadening access of content, the pay discrepancy in sports between men and women, the socialized gender differences in sports, and the importance of having female athletes to idolize. Natalie explains the focus on experience at the Angel City Stadium, how her soccer team is being used as a proof of concept for other teams, and her insistence to experience real things in life. The link is after the jump:


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Cannes Summary

The Cannes festival ended yesterday and unfortunately, there were no awards for May December. The film was very well received and the performances of Natalie and Julianne were recognized by all the critics, and that was the reward. The Todd Haynes-directed film was picked up by Netflix for distribution in North America, with expectations of promotion in the fall awards season. Meanwhile, we are going to make a compilation of videos and articles that have been seen these days:


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More Cannes Photos

Natalie’s presence at the Cannes festival is giving us some of the most gorgeous photos of her in a long time. In this post we make a compilation of images taken last Friday, and an instagram post from Chopard in which we can see the jewels that she wore during the Premiere of the Jonathan Glazer film and the Chopard Trophy Gala:


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