Natalie will be in Beijing next month

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  According to this website, Natalie will attend the Beijing Film Festival in April. Seizing the opportunity, she will publicize her directorial debut within the context of the festival. Natalie…

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Planetarium in Cannes?

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  The Cannes Film Festival is held in less than two months, and several websites have started to speculate about the films that can be seen there. Todd McCarthy and…

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Although the week is being splendid in terms of photographs and artwork, It remains very weak about Natalie news. While we await developments concerning her next projects, go with a small portion of tidbits.

SXSW film festival is taking place in Austin this week, and yesterday a documentary titled “Mr. Gaga” was premiered. Set in the world of dance, the documentary tells the story the titular director of the Batsheva Dance Company, and Natalie appears briefly in it. The Playlist has more details about it.

People have a few words of Natalie about how challenging it was to work alongside Christian Bale in Knight of Cups:

“Christian would do surprising things all the time. It’s fun to watch – and sometimes scary, like when he’s like diving off a dock into the ocean when you don’t expect it in the middle of a scene. But he also keeps everything feeling very alive and spontaneous. It was really a fun, unusual experience.”

“It’s got that complication to it,” Portman says of what drew her to the role. “Because in one sense [their relationship] has the most authentic love, but also it’s the most forbidden. So there’s this gentleness and a generosity between them, but it’s the wrong relationship to be having.”

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Sunday tidbits

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And here’s a new ration of Sunday tidbits for all you guys.

It seems that Natalie has participated, along other actors like Meryl Streep or Philip Seymour-Hoffman, in a short documentary named “Starring Austin Pendlenton”. It will be presented in April at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, and this is its trailer (with a brief appearance of her at the end):

The USA theatrical release of the Natalie latest film, Jane Got a Gun, could not be more unnoticed. Fortunately, the release on Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy will be next month, so those who have not had the opportunity to see it in cinema are in luck:


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Knight of Cups Clip

  Vanity Fair has released an exclusive new clip of the film, with Natalie and Christian Bale as absolute protagonists. Here it is:

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Natalie in the WJFF

Natalie attended the screening of “A Tale of Love and Darkness” in the Washington Jewish Film Festival Sunday afternoon, and Daily Mail has the first photos of the previous photocall.

Click on the photo to see them:


… also an Instagram photo of the introduction inside the AFI Silver Theatre:


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End of shooting for Jackie

  Jackie director Pablo Larrain announced on his instagram account the end of filming: According to a recent Interview, the film still has no release date, but hopefully it can…

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Casting call for Annihilation

  It seems that "Annihilation", the sci-fi movie directed by Alex Garland, finally begins its pre-production. Backstage has posted a casting call for the film, with an expected filming dates…

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