Whiz Passed Away

Unfortunately, it seems that Whiz, the small Yorkie dog that Natalie had since 2008, has passed away. She shared the sad news on instagram. Here, a nice photo taken during…

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Annihilation Fan Posters

Unfortunately, Annihilation did not have the opportunity to be seen in cinemas outside of North America and China. Even so, and almost inadvertently, Alex Garland´s sci-fi flick has been turning into a cult film, and one of Natalie’s most remembered recent movies. Proof of this is the amount of fan art that can be seen on social media a year after its release. These are just a couple of examples:


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Natalie in France

If Natalie was in Belgium last weekend, today she has attended the Moet & Chandon’s 150th anniversary event at Château de Saran in Champagne, France. In this tweet, we can…

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Natalie in Belgium

Natalie has attended the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp tonight with her husband. The event, named "Bach Studies", has been choreographed by Benjamin, and performed by the Ballet Vlaanderen. We have…

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