In Conversation With Mieko Kawakami

After months without posting any video, Natalie has resumed her book club in a conversation with Mieko Kawakami, author of “Breasts and Eggs.” The paperback version is available starting this month in The chat is subtitled and can be seen on Natalie’s instagram:


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Dior Forever Extended Commercial

Natalie is shooting Thor, Love and Thunder in Sydney in recent weeks, so unfortunately we haven’t seen any sightings of her. While we wait for some glimpse from the shoot, an extended Dior Forever Condensation Liquid Foundation commercial has been released and (as usual), it is glamorous:

Edit: more photos added


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Beautiful Girls: 25th Anniversary

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Today, February 9, marks the 25th anniversary of the American release of Beautiful Girls. The film directed by Ted Demme brought us one of Natalie’s most remembered roles: Marty, a 13-year-old girl who showed more maturity than many other characters in the film. This performance instantly became one of the most celebrated by Natalie fans. We have a few photos and a trailer to remember the movie….


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