Boston Calling: Day 1

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Natalie had her first public appearance at the Boston Calling Music Festival this afternoon, and we have the first pictures of her, hosting a performance: one of the first surrealist films (La Coquille et le Clergyman), with live score by ACME:

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Natalie at the Boston Calling

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Natalie arrived in Boston today to attend the Boston Calling Festival, and her first appearance was at the Brattle Theatre this night, introducing the final film in her “Female Gaze” film series, which is part of the festival that kicks off Friday at the Harvard Athletic Complex in Allston. These are a few photos (and a video) of the event:

More after the jump:

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New Annihilation Behind the Scenes Photos

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American viewers can finally see and enjoy Annihilation in their homes since Tuesday. We have already seen several promotional pictures, but here we have a new batch of “behind the cameras” photos:

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Annihilation Opens Digitally Today

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Annihilation arrives on digital today in the USA, and we have a new still and a couple of clips of the special features that we can find in the digital copy and Blu-ray to celebrate it:

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What better to start the week than a few tidbits:

-Natalie is one of the 140 signatories (including Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Lena Dunham or Chadwick Boseman), of an open letter for Charity One, calling for action against gender inequality. The signatories call for a commitment to help every girl get an education and for leaders to use their power to deliver “historic changes for women.

Annihilation opens on digital platforms in the US tomorrow, and Ultra HD, Blu-Ray & DVD next week. Slashfilm has a detailed explanation of the special features of the BD edition, and Collider has an exclusive clip.

-Finally, after the jump we have some images of Natalie this weekend:

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Natalie to Receive Jewish Nobel Prize After All

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Fun fact – running our social feeds I get a lot of messages who think we are Natalie. And let me tell you, I’ve never gotten so many heated messages than from Natalie’s refusal to show up for the Genesis Prize, because Benjamin Netanyahu would be attending.

I also received a lot of thankful messages.

There wasn’t much middle ground.

Well, the latest news is that Natalie will still receive the prize only Genesis will be handling the $2 million worth of donations. This article from Haaretz has quotes quite a lot of criticism.

Hopefully this story has almost run its course.

Natalie´s Guests at Boston Calling

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Natalie is set to appear at Boston Calling at the Arena Stage this year, where she is billed for all three days of the fest as “Natalie Portman and Friends”. Yesterday, she revealed in the instagram stories that the guests joining her would be St. Vincent, Zola Jesus, Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47, cellist Clarice Jensen, and the American Contemporary Music Ensemble (ACME):

Natalie is also curating the Boston Calling Film Festival, in which she’ll present films surrounding “the female gaze.” The film festival takes place in the days leading up to the music fest, on May 22-24 at Harvard Square.

Lunch with a Friend

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The next public appearance of Natalie will be at the Boston Calling festival in ten days. While we wait for that event, we will have to settle for the usual weekly paparazzi photos. On this occasion, Natalie was having lunch with a friend at a restaurant in Los Angeles today. Daily Mail has three photos:

Natalie´s Jane Foster in Next Avengers Movie?

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As is well known, the character of Jane Foster, played by Natalie in Thor’s first two movies, has not appeared in the MCU for years (she had a couple of mentions in “Age of Ultron” and “Thor Ragnarok”). Natalie stated long ago that “As far as I know, I’m done (with MCU)” … but this could change in the next Avengers movie, brand new in 2019. According to a Huffington Post article, in which ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ directors reveal who died and survived off screen, the fate of Jane Foster could be considered a “potential spoiler”:

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman)

Status: Too spoilery.

Director comments: “When we say spoiler, [we mean] potential spoiler,” Anthony clarified after I was a bit shocked they couldn’t comment on Jane.

Thoughts: Whoa, what? Natalie Portman hasn’t been a part of the MCU since “Thor: The Dark World” back in 2013. However, Portman has said she’d be open to returning to the Marvel realm, so maybe a Thor-Jane reunion is on the horizon.

Does this mean that there is still one last chance to see Natalie playing the character in the next Avenger movie? Natalie said in an interview for Screen Rant in February that “I’m completely open to everything, but I have no news about that”, so, who knows…

Dan Stevens Joins Natalie in ‘Pale Blue Dot’

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More casting addictions for Noah Hawley´s Pale Blue Dot. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dan Stevens will play Natalie’s on-screen spouse in Fox Searchlight’s astronaut drama:

The film reteams Stevens with his “Legion” creator Noah Hawley, who’s directing from a script by Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi. Other previously announced actors are Jon Hamm and Zazie Beetz. The movie is scheduled to shoot this summer.


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It’s been a very quiet week in Natland, without great news or photos, but even so, we have a few Tidbits:

-The next public appearance of Natalie will be at the Boston Calling festival in just two weeks. We knew that she will present a mini Film Festival, with the screening of seven films with a common denominator: the representation of “female gaze” in cinema. Today we have known that Natalie will also curate and host a series of special programming at the Arena Stage during the three days of the festival.

Vox Lux is the last film shot by Natalie a few weeks ago. With the movie still in post production, today it has been announced that Vision Film has achieved distribution rights in China, in the market of the Cannes Festival. Hopefully we can see the film in the fall season…

-Speaking of Cannes, which is being held these days in France, Natalie remembered her attendance, as part of the festival jury in 2008, on her Instagram account: