Natalie Files for Restraining Order

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We have really bizarre news today: The Blast reports that Natalie files for restraining order against a guy who claimed he was John Wick!

According to court documents obtained by the gossip website, Natalie is seeking a temporary restraining order against a guy whose real name The Blast has chosen to withhold. The specifics of her request were not immediately available, but a petition for a firearms restraining order was filed two weeks prior by the LAPD against a man with the same name.

That petition says that on January 31, 2019, “a high-prole actor of international notoriety” reported a man trespassing on her property. The officer who filed the report claims the man “rang the intercom/doorbell multiple times but said nothing when attempts to engage him were made over the intercom.”

According to the petition, when officers made contact with the man, “he identified himself as John Wick, even though officers had his Colorado Driver’s License which confirmed his true identity.”

The officers say the man told them “that he had spoken to the reporting person several times, telepathically, and that he had traveled from Colorado to Los Angeles to meet the individual.”

The man was eventually placed on a mental hold and the detective filed a petition for a firearms restraining order, which was granted.

According to the site, It is unclear at this time if Natalie’s restraining order was granted.

Edit: it seems Natalie obtained the order

Vox Lux Tidbits

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In recent days the news is that there is no news, so today we are going to enjoy a few tidbits about Vox Lux.

-On the occasion of the limited release of Vox Lux in Australia on February 21, a couple of interesting articles have emerged about the film. In the first Natalie talks about the (intimidating) experience of singing in the movie, and in the second Luke Buckmaster reflects on why Brady Corbet’s film did not have the repercussion it deserved in the awards season.

Finally, we have a Vox Lux 10 minute preview, courtesy of Universal Pictures, the company that distributes the film, along with Neon, on Blu-ray. Unfortunately, it belongs to the first part of the film and Natalie is not in it:

Precious Water!

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Natalie has joined Precious Water!, an initiative of FAMAE in which a “water challenge” is proposed: design an innovative product or service to preserve water, make it cleaner and accessible to everyone, all over the world.

Submission of the applications ends tomorrow, and the awards ceremony will be held in May in Paris, where the chosen projects will be announced. Other “ambassadors” of the initiative are Nicole Kidman, Jude Law, Jennifer Aniston or Bryan Cranston.

Natalie Wins a PETA Award

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At the height of the awards season, PETA’s Animals in Film and Television Division announced the winners of its Oscat, awards that honor the movies and stars who promoted kindness to animals through positive actions, story lines, and the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) during the previous year. Natalie won Best Actress for her all-vegan wardrobe in Vox Lux:

Additionally, Annihilation won Best Stunt Team for its all-vegan crew. Other winners were Bradley Cooper and Winston Duke

Natalie at the CAIS19

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As announced a few days ago, Natalie attended the CAIS19 Summit yesterday in the Cayman Islands. No official pictures of her has been published into the conference, but we have a Twitter photo and an Instagram snapshot:

Natalie as Keynote Speaker for CAIS19

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The Cayman Alternative Investment Summit (CAIS) announced this Thursday that Natalie will be the keynote speaker of its sixth annual conference scheduled for February 6-8, 2019. The conference will convene more than 80 notable speakers and more than 500 executives from the global alternative investment industry at the Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa in the Cayman Islands.

The event, with its theme of “Tech-Tonic Shift: Innovation in Alternative Investments,” will examine the impact of digital disruption and the trends shaping the future of the alternatives industry. In line with the current macro and global environment, speakers will also discuss the impact of globalization, populism and how the alternatives industry can embrace challenges and opportunities in increasingly turbulent markets.

“Natalie’s keynote will provide attendees a glimpse into her philanthropic involvement, which will complement the two days of thought-provoking conversations on the role of the alternative investment industry in making a positive global impact, and how every business has a social responsibility to its people and to its communities”, said Chris Duggan, Director of CAIS.

While in Cayman, both Natalie and illusionist David Blaine (the other guest speaker of the conference) will spend time meeting with local school children to share their stories of success and tips to building their careers.

Out for Lunch in LA

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Natalie has been in Los Angeles since the beginning of the year, which means that her rumored participation in the Wes Anderson movie (which is currently shooting in France) is practically ruled out. While we wait for the announcement of some new project, we have a few more candid photos….

She was seen having lunch with a friend at Mediterranean Eatery Kismet in Los Angeles yesterday. Celebmafia has the photos.

Shopping in LA

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We still have no news about future projects or trailers, but Natalie and her daughter Amalia were seen shopping at a store in Los Angeles on Wednesday. We can find more photos here, but it should be noted that the girl’s face is clearly visible.