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May December: First Reviews & Reactions

The May December premiere tonight ended with an eight-minute standing ovation, according to Deadline. It seems that the first reviews of the film have been quite positive. Natalie and Julianne’s performances and the pitch’s fun, campy tone are lauded, along with the different layers in Haynes’ direction. It has probably become Natalie’s most praised film since Jackie. This is a small summary of them:


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Actually Me, with Natalie

A nice video today: on this episode of Actually Me for GQ Magazine, Natalie goes undercover on the Internet and replies to real comments from Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, ChatGPT and more. Can she really ballet? Will she return to Star Wars as Padme? What inspired her to become such a big soccer fan? We have the anwers in this video. Enjoy:


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