Jackie Clips

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Jackie will be released in different European countries between January and February. As a result, more advertising material is emerging. Here we have a couple of new video clips from German and Italian distributors, which reflect two great scenes of the movie. Obviously, for those who have not seen the film yet may be too revealing, so… carefully 🙂

Morning Hike

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Natalie has not changed her routine today and the day that the Academy Award nominations have been announced, she has given her classic morning hike with a friend through Griffith Park. As usual, Zimbio has lots of candid photos:

Oscar Nomination

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The predictions have been fulfilled: Natalie has achieved her third Academy Award nomination for her role in Jackie. The film by Pablo Larrain has got two other nominations: best music for Mica Levi, and best costumes for Madeline Fontaine. The ceremony will be held on February 26 and it will hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

Congratulations to #JackieFilm’s #NataliePortman on her Academy Award nomination for Best Actress! #OscarNoms

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The Envelope Screening

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Natalie and Pablo Larrain attended another special screening of Jackie tonight, sponsored by LA Times in its The Envelope Series. Here we have a instagram photo of the Q&A later…

FAZ Interview

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung interviewed Natalie on the occasion of Jackie’s upcoming release in Germany. This was done during the press junket at the Peninsula Hotel a couple of months ago (just after the American presidential elections), so the questions about Pablo Larrain’s film are complemented with those related to Natalie’s support for the Clinton campaign in November. Here are some interesting quotes, translated from German. Thanks to our friendly German fans, and Arvid in particular:

About her language skills:

Mrs. Portman, in Wikipedia we can read that you speak German…

Unfortunately, this is not true. I can only use a few words, so probably most people.

But is it true that you speak French and Hebrew?

Yes, my French is also very flawed. At home we speak English.

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More Jackie Stills

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Tomorrow will finally know if Natalie gets nominated for the Academy Awards for her role in Jackie. While we wait (and we hope) that it happens, here we have a few new photos of the film by Pablo Larraín…

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Women’s March

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Natalie has joined with many other celebrities, and hundreds of thousands of people, in the Women’s March that are being celebrated in different cities around the country today. Washington D.C., New York or Los Angeles are just some of them. Natalie has attended the March in LA, in which 750000 people have participated, according to organizers. The LA Times has a complete coverage of the massive event in this city, here we have some great photos of the march around the country, and Daily Mail has several photos and videos centered on the celebrity attendees.

Update: Natalie also gave a short, inspirational speech during the march. here it is:

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