A Tale of Love and Darkness

ATOLAD Premiere & After Party in NY

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Today was a great day to be a Natalie fan, certainly. After a couple of television appearances, here are a few pictures of the A Tale of Love and Darkness Premiere & After Party in New York.

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Edit: Premiere video added


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Natalie on Good Morning America

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  Natalie has been in ABC's Good Morning America this morning to promote her directorial debut. Here's the video and a few photos Edit: YouTube link and photos added

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New ATOLAD clip

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  A new clip of A Tale of Love and Darkness, where we can enjoy the performances and the dark, elegant photography of the film:

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LA Times interview

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  Natalie is giving some interviews because of the release of her directorial debut in USA. One for a compilation article in the Jewish Journal, and another for LA Times,…

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It will be a long wait until we can enjoy the premieres of Jackie and Planetarium in Venice … but we will try to make it more bearable with a good portion of tidbits.

-Speaking of Jackie, the last film of Pablo Larraín, here we have an interview (in Spanish) with his brother (and co-producer of the film) where, among other things, he talks about the difficulties of production:

On October 8, Juan de Dios landed at Charles De Gaulle airport with his family, cameras and bags. A month later, and two weeks into the filming, there was multiple bombing in Paris that killed 137 people. That night of November 13, the feeling of insecurity was overwhelming. Hard to describe, with shouts and incessant sounds of sirens. That forced them to redouble security in film sets and reroute cars. In February they moved to Washington to shooting in locations. The same day of the filming outside the White House, Barack Obama’s team confirmed that they would have an hour to make shots. Including installation of vintage cars, sets, costumes. The result was perfect.

A Tale of Love and Darkness will have a limited US release on August 19, so Natalie attend a few events next week. The first two will take place in New York on Thursday: one in the morning on AOL Build Studio, and the other in the afternoon on Lexington Avenue. The last one will take place on Saturday in LA (thanks to Kitten for the find):

Hopefully we will have some images of them…


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More ATOLAD Pre-screening photos

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  Natalie attended a pre-screening of her directorial debut in L.A. last week. There were only a few instagram pictures so far, but here we finally have a couple of…

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