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Exploring the Blue Mountains

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Natalie rarely posts candid photos on Instagram, but today she made an exception. She and Benjamin visited the “Blue Mountains” in New South Wales and they captured the moment in spectacular photos taken in the area. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow to embed instagram post for a long time, but the link is after the jump


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Riding Lessons in Sydney

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we have made the decision not to post candid photos on the site for months, but this time it seems that the pictures could be related to the filming of the fourth installment of Thor….


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Candid Photos in Australia

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There have been a ton of Paparazzi photos this week. Summer is approaching in Australia, and Natalie has been spotted out on beaches and parks with her family, before diving into the shooting of the fourth Thor movie in January…..


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Natalie & family in Byron Bay

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We haven't posted any paparazzi photos in a long, long time, but since this is Natalie's first full sighting in many months, I think it's worth it. She and Amalia…

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Out for Lunch

We did not see candid photos of Natalie for quite some time, but today we have a few, taken during a lunch with Benjamin in LA this morning. Celebmafia has…

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Candids in LA

Natalie’s birthday will be celebrated in a few days. Meanwhile, we were able to see Natalie walking with her mother Shelley (and her new dog), through the streets of Los Angeles, today. Zimbio has the photos:


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