Annihilation Opens Digitally Today

Annihilation arrives on digital today in the USA, and we have a new still and a couple of clips of the special features that we can find in the digital copy and Blu-ray to celebrate it:


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New Annihilation Featurette

Paramount released a new Annihilation featurette yesterday, focused on adapting the book to the screen. In the video, we can see new images of the film, and a few concept arts as well:


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Annihilation Opens Today

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Annihilation opens today in 2,012 theaters in the USA and Canada. If you are a North American fan of Natalie, you should not miss the opportunity to see this movie in theaters. It’s without a doubt a unique experience. We await your opinions in the comments section. While we wait for it, we have a new featurette and a film clip:

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Song to Song Featurette

  Here is the first behind the scenes video of the Malick movie, which finally reveals the name of the Natalie´s character in the film: Rhonda Also, Pitchfork website has…

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More Tidbits

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  And more tidbits to start the weekend: -During the last two days the press has covered extensively the Natalie's statements on the pay gap between actors and actresses in…

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Soundtrack Featurette

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  Fox Searchlight continues releasing videos on different elements of Pablo Larrain´s film: photography, screenplay, performances ... this time it´s a featurette focused on the Mica Levi´s music for the…

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