Natalie’s instagram restart?

Apparently, Natalie is going to leave Instagram for a while, She already disabled the comment section almost a month ago, and today she has deleted all her previous posts and…

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Happy Mother´s Day!

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States and many other countries today, and Natalie has not missed the opportunity to honor her mother Shelley in a heartfelt post on instagram…


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‘Thorback’ Thursday

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Thor Love and Thunder continues filming in Australia, and we haven’t been able to see many photos of Natalie behind the scenes. Fortunately we have the instagram of Jonathan Howard (the actor who played the intern in Thor, the dark world), to see a nice photo of Natalie and Kat Dennings during the filming of the second Thor movie in 2012. Enjoy:


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In Conversation With Sylvia Whitman

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Natalie continues to show her passion for books and reading in this collaboration with Friends of Shakespeare and Company. This nonprofit association includes four installments of online features made exclusively for members. The Spring installment is now live, with contributions from George Saunders, Deborah Levy, and Karthia Naïr, as well as Natalie in conversation with Sylvia Whitman. this is an excerpt from the company’s instagram:


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Exploring the Blue Mountains

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Natalie rarely posts candid photos on Instagram, but today she made an exception. She and Benjamin visited the “Blue Mountains” in New South Wales and they captured the moment in spectacular photos taken in the area. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow to embed instagram post for a long time, but the link is after the jump


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In Conversation With Mieko Kawakami

After months without posting any video, Natalie has resumed her book club in a conversation with Mieko Kawakami, author of “Breasts and Eggs.” The paperback version is available starting this month in The chat is subtitled and can be seen on Natalie’s instagram:


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