5 Questions with Dan Schawbel

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New York Times bestselling author Dan Schawbel asks Natalie in his podcast why she decided to become an actress, how she’s stays grounded, why retelling fables is important to her,…

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Science Rules! With Natalie Portman

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Natalie was the guest on the “Science Rules!” Podcast this week. In this episode, she discuss her early research in chemistry and psychology, her environmental activism, and her strategies to keep her kids’ curiosity alive during the pandemic. The link is after the jump:


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It's time for a new ration of tidbits... -Critic and journalist Peter Travis interviewed Natalie on the occasion of the premiere of Vox Lux a few weeks ago: -Speaking of…

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More Annihilation Tidbits

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This is the “Annihilation” week in Natland, and we have a few more news about Alex Garland’s film…

-Here are a few more great stills and behind the scenes images of the movie:


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More details about Annihilation

  A few days ago we learned of the first impressions of Jeff VanderMeer about the film adaptation of his novel, directed by Alex Garland. Well, today the author gave…

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