Telethon for America

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Natalie, Jessica Alba, Judd Apatow, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Allison Janney, Jane Fonda, Chelsea Handler, Lil Rel Howery, Chelsea Handler, Charlize Theron, Adam Devine, Whitney Cummings, Connie Britton, Alyssa Milano, Nina Dobrev, Sophia Bush, Chris Redd, Lily Collins, Sean Hayes, Justin Theroux, Zoe Lister-Jones, Kevin Smith and Nick Kroll are just a few of the stars that came together for the Telethon for America on Monday. The initiative promotes voting ahead of the Nov. 6 midterm elections:

Natalie spoke about the importance of voting and pointed out women haven’t been able to vote for even 100 years.

As citizens, it is our duty to our country, communities, family and most importantly to ourselves to exercise our right to vote,” said Portman. “This is not a right to be taken for granted. Did you know that women in America have been voting for less than 100 years?

CBS This Morning

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And more promotion for Eating Animals. Natalie has been on CBS This Morning to talk about the documentary based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, and here is the video of the interview:

Natalie in the Ellen Show Tonight

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Natalie will attend the Ellen DeGeneres Show this Wednesday, and Just Jared has a preview of the program, in which Natalie says she is “terrible” playing tennis:

People also has an article in which they say that Ellen won the bet she made with Natalie about the sex of the baby last year. the money has been donated to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund.

Stay tuned tonight…

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Annihilation Tidbits

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As the release approaches, the news about Alex Garland’s upcoming film accumulates. We have some of them, in the form of Tidbits:

-Natalie and Oscar Isaac will be at the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show in two different days, promoting the movie. Considering that the premiere will be held next Tuesday, and that Natalie will also be at the Ellen Show on Wednesday, we will have an intense week…

-A new TV spot has launched today, it´s titled “their mission”:

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SNL After Party & More

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It has been an intense weekend in Natland. There is no doubt about it. To give it a good ending, here we have a second round of videos and photos. We started with a few images of Natalie arriving at the SNL after party. This time Just Jared has the pictures:

After the jump, the rest of the sketches, and some “on set“ photos…

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More SNL Promos

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Natalie, Dua Lipa and Pete Davidson are shooting promos for the Saturday Night Live next weekend. Here are some photos and videos of them:

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Panel Discussion on Time’s Up Campaign

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Oprah Winfrey hosted a panel on impact of Time’s Up campaign in Pasadena early this week. Natalie, America Ferrera, Tracee Ellis-Ross, Reese Witherspoon, producer Shonda Rimes, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and attorney Nina Shaw gathered with Winfrey to talk about the efforts to bring change to how women are treated in the entertainment industry and around the world. Here is a preview of the discussion to be broadcast on CBS’ “Sunday Morning” January 14:

Edit: added group photo

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Angie Tribeca is Tonight

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Angie Tribeca´s episode in which Natalie makes a guest star appearance is broadcast tonight at 10:30 ET/PT… and Rashida Jones reminds us in her instagram account:

…. so, stay tuned 🙂

Oldie but Goodie

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It’s always nice to remember old times, when Natalie was really young and spontaneous. We can retrieve a little gem from 1999 on the Oprah Winfrey Network YouTube channel: a TV appearance by Natalie and Susan Sarandon promoting “Anywhere but Here”. It’s really fun to watch it after so many years…


Natalie’s role in Angie Tribeca revealed

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A few weeks ago we learned that Natalie would have a guest star appearance on “Angie Tribeca,” the sitcom starring Rashida Jones. Well, IndieWire has a review on the first chapters and they reveal the role of Natalie in one of them:

Only a few episodes later, Portman is handed a different, if similar, challenge. The outspoken women’s rights activist is given the role of Mrs. Kraft, a NASA scientist who looks and acts like a ’60s housewife. The fact that she’s not given a first name is as intentional as her assumption that Angie works for Detective Tanner (DJ Cole) simply because he’s a man. Her constant smile, perfect makeup, and bursting baby belly all lend Mrs. Kraft an air of domesticity and her period appropriate surroundings further enforce the patriarchal era of NASA’s heyday.

Knowing how she really feels, one can only imagine Portman would be eager to satirize the sexist trappings of our past by emphasizing their modern parallels. But her line delivery is in keeping with Mrs. Kraft’s reality, not the social commentary her character offers to the audience. When Mrs. Kraft refuses to give a freshly baked cookie to Angie, offering her “a Fresca and a diet pill” instead, Portman whispers the line as if Mrs. Kraft would be embarrassed for Angie that she even thought to take a delicious treat meant for the hard-working men around her.

Now, Portman — an Oscar winner and three-time nominee — is obviously a pro, so complimenting her on understanding the basic concepts of acting may seem reductive. But the distinction she makes here isn’t that she’s playing a character rather than herself; it’s that her character isn’t in on the joke, unlike so many other satiric roles that require their performers to play up the meta connections made by the audience. Portman grasps the tone quickly and then runs away with the scene, her soft inflections and glowing expressions creating a beam of light gliding through the scene. Again, there’s so much more to the scene than celebrity worship, and that’s a credit to the writing as much as the performers.


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Here we have a few tidbits about Natalie’s projects…

-After a few months without news about the last film of Xavier Dolan, The Hollywood Reporter has announced today the incorporation of Jacob Tremblay (Room) to the casting. The young actor will play Natalie’s son in fiction. Here is a more detailed synopsis of the plot:

Set in the early 2000s, Donovan centers on an adult American TV star (Harington) and his correspondence with (a young actor-to-be Tremblay) living with his mother (Portman) in England. Their lives take dramatic turns when the existence of their pen pal relationship is publicly exposed, eliciting the most ill-founded assumptions, and sending Donovan in a vertical downfall. The movie is set in two time periods, with the other being decade later, when the young actor recollects his relationship with his past idol over the course of an interview.

-On the other hand, Natalie will also be one of the guest stars in the third season of sitcom Angie Tribeca, that begins to air on April 10. Presumably the friendship with Rashida Jones, the protagonist of the series, has something to do with her participation. This is a small preview of the season (unfortunately Natalie doesn’t appear in it):