Campaign for Best Supporting Actress

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It’s official: Neon has confirmed to IndieWire that Natalie’s performance in “Vox Lux” is being campaigned for Best Supporting Actress at the 91st Academy Awards. In addition to this news, the distributor has launched a first ”for your consideration” ad:

Brady Corbet’s film will release in the USA on December 7.

Preparing the Advertising Campaign

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It is already October, and we haven’t seen any trailer or new picture of Vox Lux … until now. NEON has posted on its Twitter account a reminder of the release date, and some press credentials (with a Natalie’s picture) for the Brady Corbet´s film. Will this photo have something to do with the final poster of the movie? we will know soon…

More Festivals For Vox Lux

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We learned last week that Vox Lux would be screened at the Austin Film Festival. Well… Variety confirms Today that Brady Corbet’s film will open the festival on October 25:

In addition to this news, the film has also been selected to be screened at the Festivals of London, Lisbon, Vancouver, Chicago, San Diego, Savannah, Denver and Napa Valley.

Vox Lux Gets A December Release

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Great news: Deadline reports that NEON is giving the Brady Corbet´s movie an awards season push with a limited release on December 7. This will be followed by an expansion on Dec. 14 and another wide break on Dec. 21, playing into Christmas and New Year’s. This means that the film (and Natalie´s performance), will enter definitely in this awards season.

Sunday Tidbits

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Natalie’s attendance at the Toronto festival last week has given us countless interviews, photos and videos. Today is a good time to see some more that we have overlooked the last days…

The Guardian published an interesting article/interview with Natalie a few days ago, on the occasion of the premiere of the films of Brady Corbet and Xavier Dolan in Toronto:

-LA Times has been covering the Toronto festival these days, and they interviewed Natalie and Brady Corbet in their studio last weekend. We have a video and a “Polaroid” photo of Natalie:

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Q on CBC Interview

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It seems that Natalie did a lot of interviews at the Toronto festival last week. This time we have one for Q on CBC, in which she analyzes in depth Vox Lux and all the themes of the film:

Vanity Fair Italy

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Xavier Dolan´s film may not have had good reviews, but Vox Lux seems to have good prospects on the horizon. The purchase of the film by Neon is great news, and we probably have a release date (and a trailer) soon. Until then, images of these last days continue to emerge, like this wonderful photo of Natalie published by Vanity Fair Italy, taken just before attending the premiere of the film by Brady Corbet in the Venetian festival:

Vox Lux Gets Distribution in USA

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After several days of negotiations, Vox Lux got distribution in USA. Variety reports that Neon has landed Brady Corbet´s film. According to the article, it´s possible that the indie studio could push “Vox Lux” into theaters this year in order to qualify for Oscars, something it did to great success with “I Tonya” last year.

Sunday Tidbits

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The Death and Life of John F. Donovan will premiere at the Toronto festival tomorrow. While we wait for another public appearance of Natalie, we are going to review what happened the last two days…

Hello Canada Magazine tell us how Natalie rapped at her TIFF after-party last Friday:

Natalie – who was wearing a sweet-as-can-be soft blush Dior couture gown – got her groove on as soon as the DJ started playing Cardi B. In a well-played move, he transitioned into “Natalie’s Rap 2.0” by The Lonely Island , a recurring SNL skit that sees the pint-sized star rap – and she couldn’t help but sing along and dance with her friends!

-These two interesting articles analyze Natalie´s perfomance in Vox Lux, comparing it with those of Julianne Moore and Lady Gaga, who have also premiered films in the festival:

Vanity Fair: Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore Go for Broke

IndieWire: Lady Gaga and Natalie Portman Deliver Dueling Visions of Pop Stardom

-Another IndieWire article by Eric Kohn tell us why Natalie prefers to play ‘broken, fallible, and faulted’ characters over admirable ones

-Finally, “This Changes Everything” premiered at TIFF yesterday, and Variety has a review of this documentary in which Natalie also participates:

Variety: Toronto Film Review: ‘This Changes Everything’

Vox Lux Tidbits and More

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Natalie will attend the premiere of Vox Lux at the Toronto festival in two days. While we wait for that moment, here are a few tidbits…

Natalie, Raffey Cassidy, Stacy Martin and director Brady Corbet participated in a video interview for FRED, The Festival Insider, yesterday:

Variety has an interesting interview with Natalie about Vox Lux, in which she reveals many facts about the shooting and her involvement in the Brady Corbet´s film. Among other things, she filmed her entire part in only ten days!

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Vox Lux Premiere: Behind the Scenes

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Yesterday was a great day for any Natalie fan to be pride of it. A well received film, Another great Natalie´s performance… and a lot of excellent photos to enjoy our favorite actress. In this post we will recall some of the charming behind-the-scenes moments of the premiere:

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