Natalie picked up a statue for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her performance in Black Swan at the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight. Another big congratulations, Natalie! Now, on to the Oscars!

UPDATE – Not the best quality, but you can watch Natalie’s acceptance speech here if you missed it.



9 Responses to Natalie wins SAG Award

  1. 5 years ago by madonion2


  2. 5 years ago by Stagehand

    Your fans are with you Natalie. Your work speaks for itself. Have fun.

    A fan in Texas

  3. 5 years ago by WróbelekElemelek

    Oskar is Your

  4. 5 years ago by aalias

    Congrats Nat!:))

  5. 5 years ago by Ranbirman

    Wow… you will win the Oscar!!! Good-luck…

  6. 5 years ago by SimonShukla

    Congratulations <3 Natalie <3
    You look so lovely.

  7. 5 years ago by Naazi

    I’m a fan this morning i was shocked when i saw u on the red carpet with $$$$$ jewelery come on u r more than a beautiful face, advertising for “Boold diamonds” it’s a shame

  8. 5 years ago by Mockingbird

    Congratualtions to Natalie! Looked lovely and very good speech :)

  9. 5 years ago by Zahara



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