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By May 5, 2009Nat-news

A couple years ago, Natalie attended the Jewish Television Network Vision Awards. Now a new video has surfaced from the event, showing Natalie talking about what it means to be Jewish.

Unfortunately they didn’t give too much thought to lighting, so Natalie is essentially a shadowy figure. Still, its worth checking out and you can do so here.


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  • drosofila says:

    Just found this on Terra’s main page(Terra is one of the greatest inernet portal in Brazil)!!!,,OI3744813-EI13419,00-Seria+Natalie+Portman

    The article name is “Is Natalie Portman the new Audrey Hepburn” and talks about the similarities and differences between the two of them. If you need full translation, send me an email.

  • Dazza says:

    Thanks but considering its not in English and its certainly not the first time, nor the last I’d wager, that the comparison has been made, its not quite right for the main page.