What are you most excited about?

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What Natalie Portman news has you most excited?

It’s an interesting time in Natland with Natalie filming Pale Blue Dot (or whatever it’s called), rumours of directing her next film, plans to go to Venice for Vox Lux, and then TIFF for Death and Life of John F Donovan.

The question is, what are you most excited about? Go to our Twitter poll to vote.

Natalie Portman in conversation with Yuval Noah Harari

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If you’re in the UK you can grab tickets for a conversation between Natalie and author, Yuval Noah Harari. The event will be held in Westminster, London, and will be in promotion of his new books, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

Yuval had this to say:

“I am very much looking forward to talking with Natalie. We were both born in the myth-factory of the world, and much of our careers have revolved around the tension between myth, science and science fiction. I am keen to hear her take on reality, fiction and everything in between. Neither of us is known for dodging difficult issues – so it should be interesting.”

Pale Blue Dot Updates

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Natalie Portman’s next film, which should start filming any day now, is Pale Blue Dot from director Noah Hawley (Fargo TV series).

Well, it seems Pale Blue Dot was a placeholder title for the psychological drama about a returning female astronaut. What will the film actually be called? Your guess is as good as mine but we’re going to keep calling it Pale Blue Dot until a new title emerges.


In casting news, it has just been announced that Colman Domingo (Fear the Walking Dead) and Jeremiah Birkett (LA Confidential) join Natalie, Jon Hamm, Zazie Beetz and Dan Stevens.


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Friday is almost upon us so to ease into the reverie, here are some new Natalie Portman tidbits.

– The LA Online Film Critics Society handed out their mid-year awards. Natalie was nominated for Best Actress and Annihilation also got several other nominations, but in the end the only success was runner-up for Best Adapted Screenplay.

– Somewhat related, The Playlist has an early look at next year’s Academy Award potentials for Best Actress and Natalie’s Annihilation is mentioned… as a long-shot.

– The Genesis “Jewish Nobel” Prize, which Natalie chose to not accept, was finally given to Ruth Bader Ginsburg who, at one stage, Natalie was set to play in a biopic. It turns out Ginsburg was the original choice for the award, so perhaps fitting that she received it.

New Harvard Interview

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There have been some standout on-screen interviews with Natalie Portman in recent weeks, most of them very polished and professional. Today we have something a bit different – Aaron Fogelson managed to get Natalie to chat about a range of topics during her Boston Calling appearance.

It’s quite endearing thanks to the low-fi quality of the surroundings and Aaron looking like he’s having the best day of his life.

Natalie Visits Kismit

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Belerofonte is away on a much deserved holiday, which means I’ll be back for update duty. It’s going to be tough but together we can get through this!

The first bit of news is that Natalie Portman was snapped leaving Kismit restaurant in Los Feliz yesterday. She’s looking fabulous so if you want more, click on the thumb below to go to Daily Mail’s report.

Natalie Portman leaves Kismet

Natalie to Receive Jewish Nobel Prize After All

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Fun fact – running our social feeds I get a lot of messages who think we are Natalie. And let me tell you, I’ve never gotten so many heated messages than from Natalie’s refusal to show up for the Genesis Prize, because Benjamin Netanyahu would be attending.

I also received a lot of thankful messages.

There wasn’t much middle ground.

Well, the latest news is that Natalie will still receive the prize only Genesis will be handling the $2 million worth of donations. This article from Haaretz has quotes quite a lot of criticism.

Hopefully this story has almost run its course.

Details of Natalie Portman’s Boston Calling Appearance

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We’ve all been wondering – what exactly is Natalie going to be doing at Boston Calling in May? Well, the answer has finally arrived via Boston Magazine.

What do Lolita, The Exorcist, and 2015’s Diary of a Teenage Girl have in common? All three movies in some way involve the concept of “the female gaze,” and all three will be featured in Natalie Portman’s film festival next month.

Natalie goes on to add:

“I’m so excited to show films that I love that explore the female gaze,” says Natalie Portman. “I don’t think there is anything inherently different between male and female artists, but these are examples of great works of art in which similar storylines have female tropes that play out quite differently depending on who is telling the story. I’m looking forward to sharing these with an audience and hearing their reactions. It makes it an even more special opportunity to watch these incredible films on the big screen at one of my favorite movie theaters.”

A cool topic and no surprise she chose Diary of a Teenage Girl, as she really wanted to work with director Marielle Heller after the film came out.

The festival will run from May 22nd to May 24th.

New NataliePortman.com Server

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Thanks to our Patreon supporters we now have enough funds every month to pay for a much needed new server. Sneakily, Kris was able to move to the new server already so…welcome!

Hopefully everything feels snappy and responsive. Looking at the server stats, the graphs are all trending in the right direction. Thanks again to all of you who are helping to make this possible.

160+ megabyes of Natalie photos

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Our next Patreon reward is on the way. It includes over 160 mb of photos from Natalie’s magazine appearances. Some of my all-time favourites in there, like this beauty.

Natalie Portman patreon

To get this reward and all the rewards to come, just become a patron and help the site get a new server at the same time. Win-win, baby!


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I just noticed we passed 200,000 likes and followers on our Facebook group! Thanks to all who follow us there – Facebook is making it harder for content from pages to show up in the newsfeed so bookmark the page and check it yourself if you want to catch every update.

Natalie Portman Facebook

Annihilation Thoughts

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Before I give my brief thoughts on Annihilation, if you’ve seen the film please check out this fascinating and fantastic deep dive into the themes of the film.

In comparison, mine is going to be surface level impressions at best and with only minor spoilers). So, let’s begin…

To start with, I am a big Alex Garland fan. I’ve always loved his writing and his first film Ex Machina was my favourite film of the year it was released. I haven’t read the novel, but I was definitely primed for something special.

Read More


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Some Sunday tidbits for Natalie fans.

– We’ll be posting the next Completionists Patreon reward on Monday. We’re still just a couple patrons short of being able to move forward with plans for the new server. So please support us hereNatalie Portman patreon

– Here is an AV Club piece that makes the argument that Natalie’s Padme character should return in the new Star Wars films.

– Speaking of which, here is a drawing of Padme (with Mathilda’s toy?) making out with Jennifer Lawrence from Hunger Games. Because…why not?

Natalie Portman Jennifer Lawrence fanart

Next Patreon Reward Incoming

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Tomorrow I’ll be sending out the next Patreon reward for the $10 tier patrons. Learn about the next reward here.

We are now just one or two patrons away from being able to move forward with our new server plans. A massive thank you to all who have donated and a friendly jab to the ribs for those of you who haven’t come aboard yet.

You’re only allowed to be lazy if you look this good.

Natalie Portman Patreon

More Rewards Ahoy

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If you haven’t become a patron yet – now is the time. We’re about 5 monthly donations short of being able to move forward on the new server.

And later tonight I will be sending out the first Completionist Reward. These rewards are over 700 photos from shoots in 2007 and 2008 – most of which have never been published.

Because they are from the actual photographer’s roll, you get some stunning shots like this.

Natalie Portman Patreon

And some funny outtakes like this.

If you go here and pledge, I’ll be contacting you shortly to provide a link to the first batch of 48 photos.

Want almost 1,000 Natalie pics?

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Our Patrons over on Patreon just received the first reward – almost 1,000 Natalie Portman magazine photos from the years 1994-2003. If you sign up as a Patron now, I’ll make sure you get the reward. And later this week I’ll send out the first Completionists Reward which will have Natalie photos that haven’t been seen online until now. And later this month another 1,000 photos from our library!

We have 5 Patrons so far. Another 5-10 and we’ll be able to move forward on that new server.

Even if you can only give one or two bucks every month, every cent counts.

Go Go GO!

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Become a Patron

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So, it probably didn’t escape your notice that the site has been incredibly slow in recent months. It’s a lot better now, but still not ideal. And the server is currently hosted in Kris’ basement in Sweden, which is also far from ideal.

To make matters worse, over the past year revenue from ads has dropped. We can no longer cover the server expenses. And we need to increase them so we can get a new server.

Kris and I have tried a few things but we now need to ask you guys and gals for help. We’ve created a Patreon page for the purpose of bringing in at least enough to cover the advertising shortfall and get a new server.

Natalie Portman patreon

If we get more support than we need, that will go towards relaunching the Natalie Portman comic and making more original video content.

For supporters, we’ve included two awesome rewards.

– Complete photosets from some great Natalie shoots.
– The ability to download the entire np.com image gallery.

Head to www.patreon.com/natalieportmandotcom to get all the details.

Brief Golden Globes Musings

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I wanted to follow up on Belerofonte’s post about Natalie Portman’s Golden Globes controversy. Running the site’s social accounts, I’ve seen a lot of the anger firsthand and thought I’d add my two cents.

To those who feel that Natalie stepped over the mark and ruined the moment for the directors:

It’s the Golden Globes. A show where celebs get drunk, lob jokes at each other on stage and generally push the boundaries in ways they wouldn’t at more formal awards shows. In short, chill out. I’m sure the likes of Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott couldn’t care less.

To those who feel that Greta Gerwig and other women directors were excluded because of their gender:

Maybe. But if the voters were so against someone like Gerwig, they sure showed it in a very strange way – 4 big nominations and winning Best Comedy. The idea that “well, it won best film so it has to be best director as well” has always struck me as a silly argument. If there was no difference between Best Director and Best Film then there wouldn’t be two categories.

Everyone has their own idea of what Best Director means. I haven’t seen Lady Bird but it seems genuinely considered to be one of the best screenplay’s of the year – that’s the sort of thing that can count against a Best Director nomination or win.

Basically, I find myself somewhere in the middle. Where did you come down?

Pale Blue Dot

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To much consternation, Natalie’s rumoured appearance in Gravity fell through and Sandra Bullock took her spot in the spacesuit. Well, Natalie might finally get to space in Noah Hawley’s (Fargo series) Pale Blue Dot. Reese Witherspoon was going to star but has had to drop out over TV commitments, opening the door for Natalie. She is currently in talks but, given how much I love Fargo, I hope this one pans out.

Natalie Portman Pale Blue Dot

“Pale Blue Dot” follows a successful female astronaut who, after coming back home from a mission in space, starts to unravel when confronted by her seemingly perfect American dream life. The film explores the theory that astronauts who spend long periods of time in space begin to lose their sense of reality when they return home.

Read the full report at Variety.