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Some Sunday tidbits for Natalie fans. - We'll be posting the next Completionists Patreon reward on Monday. We're still just a couple patrons short of being able to move forward…

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Pale Blue Dot

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To much consternation, Natalie's rumoured appearance in Gravity fell through and Sandra Bullock took her spot in the spacesuit. Well, Natalie might finally get to space in Noah Hawley's (Fargo…

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Natalie and Reese Tidbits

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As you saw earlier, Reese Witherspoon and Natalie are getting the word out about #timesupnow and in what might already be the cutest video of the year, Reese, Natalie, and an Instagram filter produced this:

That’s not all, Reese also announced Natalie’s arrival on Instagram (follow Natalie here!) with this cute post:

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