Natalie Visits Kismit

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Belerofonte is away on a much deserved holiday, which means I'll be back for update duty. It's going to be tough but together we can get through this! The first…

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A New Kind of Hot for Natalie

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I can't handle even mildly spicy food, so I'm already dreading Natalie's upcoming appearance on Hot Ones - where she will go up against something called the "Wings of Death".…

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New Server

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Thanks to our Patreon supporters we now have enough funds every month to pay for a much needed new server. Sneakily, Kris was able to move to the new server…

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160+ megabyes of Natalie photos

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Our next Patreon reward is on the way. It includes over 160 mb of photos from Natalie's magazine appearances. Some of my all-time favourites in there, like this beauty. To…

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I just noticed we passed 200,000 likes and followers on our Facebook group! Thanks to all who follow us there - Facebook is making it harder for content from pages…

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Annihilation Thoughts

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Before I give my brief thoughts on Annihilation, if you’ve seen the film please check out this fascinating and fantastic deep dive into the themes of the film.

In comparison, mine is going to be surface level impressions at best and with only minor spoilers). So, let’s begin…

To start with, I am a big Alex Garland fan. I’ve always loved his writing and his first film Ex Machina was my favourite film of the year it was released. I haven’t read the novel, but I was definitely primed for something special.


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