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Become a Patron

So, it probably didn’t escape your notice that the site has been incredibly slow in recent months. It’s a lot better now, but still not ideal. And the server is currently hosted in Kris’ basement in Sweden, which is also far from ideal.

To make matters worse, over the past year revenue from ads has dropped. We can no longer cover the server expenses. And we need to increase them so we can get a new server.

Kris and I have tried a few things but we now need to ask you guys and gals for help. We’ve created a Patreon page for the purpose of bringing in at least enough to cover the advertising shortfall and get a new server.

Natalie Portman patreon

If we get more support than we need, that will go towards relaunching the Natalie Portman comic and making more original video content.

For supporters, we’ve included two awesome rewards.

– Complete photosets from some great Natalie shoots.
– The ability to download the entire image gallery.

Head to to get all the details.