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‘Lucy in the Sky’ set for Fall Festival Run

Things have been quiet about Natalie Portman’s next film, Lucy in the Sky, but finally we have some positive news.

The Noah Hawley directed film, about a female astronaut who struggles to re-adapt to life after returning to Earth, was reported to be undergoing reshoots with rumours that the film was a bit too challenging.

Thankfully, Hawley has updated IndieWire and the news seems very promising indeed.

“The movie is locked,” Noah Hawley told IndieWire in a recent interview. “I’m mixing right now, and I’m doing the final finishing touches. The studio has their strategy that they’re building toward a release, and it’s Searchlight, so unlike Disney, which dates their movies three years in advance, they’re quite used to going out [to festivals]. And all those festivals that are in anticipation of fall are starting to look at movies now, so we’re going through that process to figure out the best strategy to release it.”

And about the reshoots, it doesn’t sound like there’s too much out of the ordinary.

“We did one day of additional photography to put a button on the movie, basically,” Hawley said. “It was just an ending sequence, which I think is very common — less common on movies of a certain budget, but endings are in some ways the most important part. In a movie like this, in the journey we were on, it needed an extra piece.”

So, here’s hoping that festival run creates some buzz, which doesn’t evaporate like Vox Lux’s early positivity during last year’s awards season.