A Tale of Love and Darkness Roundup

By February 12, 2014Nat-news

Despite some initial concerns, The Times of Israel and The Jerusalem Post are reporting that the production of A Tale of Love and Darkness has gone off without a hitch in Jerusalem’s Nahlaot district. Both articles are well worth a read, and include two new set photos from Monday and a video of the production, respectively.

In addition to directing, Natalie has been seen acting in scenes, which confirms earlier reports that she will also be starring in the film. Click on the screenshot below (I can’t figure out how to embed) to watch footage of Natalie on the set in costume.

A big thanks to Kitten and Belerofonte for the finds.


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  • CĂ©dric42 says:

    to see Natalie video does not look pregnant finally 🙂

  • MadHarry says:

    Pretty clear that she’s not pregnant. Will you accept that you jumped the gun by announcing it, Dazza?

  • Adonis says:

    Hope Natalie’s first film as a director will be a success for future projects ….

  • KateOrta says:

    Yeah, not pregnant for sure. I believed, that she wouldn´t be irresponsible like this with her first movie production on her back. There are much clearer and better pics circling through the internet now. Natalie looks her usual gorgeous self. So happy to see this happening for her. I hope it´s going to be great success.

  • Nina says:

    In close up pictures it looks like she has a bit of a tummy. Maybe she’s just put on some weight. It’s refreshing to see that she doesn’t feel the need to follow Hollywood standards.