Natalie news is starting to come thick and fast. We’ll have more later but for now, some top notch mini news items…

– First up the really big news that both Terrence Malick films, Knight Of Cups and the Untitled Austin Music Film, are to be released this year. At least according to friend and collaborator, AJ Edwards. I’d keep the salt close at hand though, because he may just be giving his opinion. Hopefully we’ll have more news in the coming weeks, particularly with Cannes on the way. Thanks to lightscamerareaction.

– Staying on topic, here is a funny Joel Kinnaman quote about working with Malick on Knight Of Cups.

“I shot one day on ‘Knight Of Cups,’ and I had a 17-page monologue. And Christian Bale, who I was playing opposite—who had a lot of lines that would lead me into the next three pages—he hadn’t seen his pages. So when we started shooting, he’d just walk off, and I’d be chasing him saying all this stuff, when he was actually the one who was supposed to be interested, and that’s the reason that I was talking,” Kinnaman explained. “And then into page nine of my monologue, I’d turn around and see Terry like a 150 yards away shooting some pink dog running around. It was indeed a very interesting experience. I have no idea what that film is.”

– Next up, a remastered Beautiful Girls trailer has arrived and it’s funny to look back and realize just how peripheral Natalie’s Marty was in selling the film. Her relationship with Willy was the heart of the film but I guess it can come across as creepy, so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.

– Finally, we crossed 10k likes on Facebook recently. A big thanks to all of you who follow us here and on our various social media hangouts.