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Annihilation Articles Round-Up

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Alex Garland’s movie is giving a lot to talk about: its suggestive images and scenography have generated many interesting articles in the specialized media. These are the best (most of them with spoilers, so be careful those who have not seen the movie):

Rolling Stone: In Praise of ‘Annihilation’ and the Modern ‘Weird’ Sci-Fi Renaissance

The Hollywood Reporter: What ‘Annihilation’ Gets Right About Scientific Horror

Yahoo News: What is Area X and the Shimmer in ‘Annihilation’? VFX Supervisor Explains the Horror Film’s Mathematical Solution

Cinema Blend: 10 Big Differences Between The Annihilation Book And Movie

Slashfilm: The Original ‘Annihilation’ Script Featured a Very Different Ending


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The Sunday Times Interview

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Natalie gave an interview for The Sunday Times‘s culture magazine this weekend, and while she essentially says nothing new that we have not read in other articles, there are some interesting quotes. The List collects some of them. Here are a few:


About her “big roles”:

She seems quite unaffected by the prospect of an Oscar. When I venture that Jackie might be the biggest role of her career, she looks mildly surprised. “Oh thanks,” she mutters lightly. “I dunno, I can’t judge myself.”

When pressed, she will say that her greatest strength is her openness to failure. “I have done roles I have failed at — believe me, there are plenty of bad reviews out there.”


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