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Her World

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A great find from Fanatical – another magazine appearance, this time it’s the October issue of Her World Singapore. The article has a couple nice quotes, but it’s the photo that is an absolute stunner.


Natalie Portman may be one of the most sought-after actresses on the planet currently, but there’s a side of the Hollywood superstar that’s unexpectedly… real.

Confession #1: She goes out and is caught on camera without makeup – almost all the time. (“Yes, it’s a habit that makes some people scream,” she says with a laugh.)

Confession #2: She picks at her skin — almost constantly. (“My mum is like: ‘Stop touching your face!’ Yup, that’s pretty bad”)

Confession #3: No eight-step beauty routine for this A-lister. Hers is surprisingly pared down and simple. (“I cleanse and moisturise, drink water and try to get enough sleep. That’s it.”)


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Grazia Germany

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  We've got another editorial featuring a smoldering-looking Natalie for you all, this time from the German edition of Grazia magazine. Would any German fans (Stefan? Frank?) mind taking a…

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Madame Figaro

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We’ve got some more magazine appearances on the way, starting with Natalie on the cover of Madame Figaro. I’m really liking this cover, so hopefully a better quality version is not far off (And minutes later a better quality version arrived from Eden). With the cover we also have the text from the French article. Our French friends will have to let us know if there are any interesting quotes within. Thanks to Kitten, Fanatical and toipourmoi.


natalie portman wonder girl

PAR RICHARD GIANORIO PHOTOS FREDERIC AUERBACHUn oscar, un mariage, un enfant. L’actrice américaine joue désormais dans la cour des grandes et fait ce qu’elle veut à Hollywood : tourner avecTerrence Malick ou dans le blockbuster “Thor”. L’année prochaine, elle s’installe à Paris avec son mari, Benjamin Millepied. À Tokyo, où on l’a interviewée, l’égérie prêtait sa beauté à la ligne de rouges à lèvres Rouge Dior.


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Vanity Fair

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  Now we're talking, below are some scans from the new Italian Vanity Fair. Right now the quality isn't the best but hopefully bigger scans are on the way, and…

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