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By September 6, 2013Nat-news

We’ve got another editorial featuring a smoldering-looking Natalie for you all, this time from the German edition of Grazia magazine. Would any German fans (Stefan? Frank?) mind taking a crack at translating the article for us? Thanks to Kitten, via just-a-natportman-fan.


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  • Adonis says:

    I think our German friends (Stefan Frank) are somehow disappeared – Frank since June 9th …. but his forum still exists.
    I may be a little German, and I read as much as possible the Interwiev by Natalie … she definitely wants to Paris, and is very happy with her ​​husband
    And the other part relates to their work with Dior, (as best I could read it) …..
    Could not copy the article

  • Corina says:

    Just a quick translation now – wondering if anyone will see that anyway? 🙂 GREETZ

    Introduction to the interview summarizes her life in a very positive way. (Shall I translate it all? Word by word???)

    Welcome to “la vie en rose” (the pink life) of Natalie Portman:

    Miss Portman: How pink is your life really?

    “The (life) rhythm of an actress is rather inconsistent, which has advantages and disadvantages. But probably I am like every working mother. I have to organize myself, plan and juggle. . Thank God I have phases in which I can take a break from acting and concentrate fully on my son.”

    This must be the moments away from the red carpet without any make up…

    “I have always used lipstick but mainly in natural colors. I like shades of nude like Grège. These I can use spontaneously, without even thinking about it. ”

    Meaning that the red lipstick is used for very special occasions only….?

    “Not only. I personally prefer red lipstick with jeans and stilettos even more. This combination of clothes I wear much more than an evening dress. ”

    (… Make Up Questions… anyone interested in the full translation there???)

    How do you stay in shape?

    “Jogging, Swimming and “gyrotonics” (a mixture of dance, yoga and gymnastics: it strengthens the spine)”

    And what do you do to relax?

    “I drive to the hotel Amangiri in Utah. It’s situated in the middle of the desert. Or I read, like at the moment the classic “Fiesta” (Ernest Hemingway). Or I listen to Bach, Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone. Or I hide in our bed at home – this is my favorite piece of furniture in our house. It’s big enough for the whole family. ”

    Soon your bed will be in another city, next year you will go to Paris, are you looking forward to the life beside the Seine (river in Paris)?

    “Oh yes, I can’t wait!! I love this city (…)”

    What do you like about Paris today?

    “The Rodin-Museum I can only recommend. The food in l’Arpège is delicious. And I cannot see enough of the French style. This funny mix between classical but joyful still and just beautiful. ”

    Last question, if you could meet a person one more time for the first time… who would it be?

    “Clearly: my husband. “