Photo Shoot in Sydney

The shooting of the fourth Thor movie ended three weeks ago, and Natalie is still in Sydney, presumably to film "The Days of Abandonment," a movie for HBO directed by…

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Riding Lessons in Sydney

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we have made the decision not to post candid photos on the site for months, but this time it seems that the pictures could be related to the filming of the fourth installment of Thor….


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Candid Photos in Australia

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There have been a ton of Paparazzi photos this week. Summer is approaching in Australia, and Natalie has been spotted out on beaches and parks with her family, before diving into the shooting of the fourth Thor movie in January…..


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Natalie in Sydney

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Natalie and her family are living in Australia since September to shoot Thor: Love and Thunder. Filming will begin in January and other cast members have been arriving in recent…

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