Xavier Dolan film tidbits

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With the maelstrom of the latest releases in Venice and Toronto, we had forgotten a bit the next film by Xavier Dolan: The Death and Life of John F. Donovan. According to the young Canadian director, the movie is not presented in Cannes next year because the filming will continue in the spring and will not end until June 2017:

The Playlist: Xavier Dolan Says He Won’t Be Taking ‘John F. Donovan’ To Cannes

“I don’t think I’d present a film like this at Cannes,” the director told the Montreal Gazette. “It’s a film about an American TV star who is framed by the American media system. There are bits in it that are so much like what I lived in Cannes, and I’m afraid that people would think it’s my revenge project. Except that I wrote it five years ago (with Jacob Tierney).”

In addition to Dolan’s concerns about going to Cannes with the movie, it’s an open question as to whether or not ‘Donovan’ will be ready for next year. Filming was originally scheduled to wrap in November, but instead, the production (which the director has called “stressful”) that started this summer will go on hiatus and resume next spring.

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Annihilation Tidbits

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A few tidbits here about the movie for all you guys…

-Summer is about to start, and the filming of Annihilation comes slowly to an end … or at least in regard to Gina Rodriguez, one of the co-stars alongside Natalie, who tweeted a photo about it:

Gina, Tessa Thompson, and a third person … Jennifer Jason Leigh, Natalie? … who knows 🙂

-Also, a film member shared in his Facebook some photos of the shooting. Not clearly see the actresses, but this is a great look to the set locations of the movie (thanks to Kitten for the find).

Finally, Nina found an interview with Sonoya Mizuno, also an actress in the movie, in which she has a few nice words about her work with Natalie:

ORTVED: What do you play in Annihilation?

MIZUNO: I’m playing two parts. One of them is a smallish part where I have some scenes with Natalie Portman, and for the other one we’re creating something that is really pushing the boundaries. I spent all of last week in rehearsal with Natalie and a choreographer and Alex, making something out-there.

ORTVED: What is working with Natalie Portman like?

MIZUNO: She’s just a perfect a person. She’s one of those people who makes you feel like your clothes aren’t clean enough. She’s so nice and has a good sense of humor.

Annihilation tidbits

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The filming of “Annihilation” continues, and gradually get to know more details of the movie.

-This weekend, shooting will move to Aldershot, England. According to this article, the evening of Friday to Saturday the streets of the city will serve as a set to simulate “Baltimore Street”:

Residents and businesses living near Alison’s Road have received a letter from the supervising location manager for the movie, Alex Gladstone, telling them of plans for filming between Friday (May 27) at 6pm and 5am Saturday morning.

The letter says: “Alison’s Road, Aldershot, has been identified as a great visual and logistical potential in being used to represent a ‘Baltimore Street’ in the film.

“In a scene near the beginning of the film, an ambulance is seen to be stopped on its journey by a group of mysterious vehicles… including a helicopter…

-Also, according to IMDB, there are two recent addictions to the cast: Sonoya Mizuno (who worked with Garland in Ex Machina) and Crystal Clarke (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Assassin’s Creed); It assumed in short roles …

Annihilation is filming

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Although the shooting started a few days ago, this is the first direct evidence that principal photography of the film is running: this photo of Rob Hardy (DP of the last two films of Alex Garland) in his instagram account:

This morning.

A post shared by R o b H a r d y b s c (@rdhardy) on

Hopefully we can see pictures of the shooting soon 🙂

Gallery Updates

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We’ve updated the gallery with 9 HQ photos of Natalie filming a funeral scene for Jackie in downtown Washington, D.C. last month. Thanks to anna1992anna.

Filming 'Jackie'

Filming in Maryland

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Natalie could not attend the KoC premiere yesterday for a good reason; she is in Maryland filming the famous scene of the assassination of JFK in Dallas, and Zimbio has the first photos:

Click on the image below…



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Here is a small portion of tidbits for all you guys.

Natalie is shooting in Baltimore today, and there are a couple of nice tweets to prove it. The first is the actor Richard E. Grant (Bram Stoker´s Dracula) and the second is David DeBoy (House of Cards), which seems quite impressed by the professionalism of Natalie. Thanks to Kitten for the finds…

More after the jump…

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Filming in Washington

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It seems that Natalie is in Washington this week to shoot scenes for her new film “Jackie”. According to The Washington Post, actress is filming the famous scene of JFK funeral procession from the White House to St. Matthews Cathedral. Taking advantage of her stay in the city, she also will attend the screening of “ATOLAD” in WJFF this weekend.


Hopefully we can see pictures soon 🙂

Sunday Tidbits

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! To celebrate, here’s a round of “sunday tidbits” for all you guys.

-The big news of the week was undoubtedly Natalie incorporating the cast of the latest film by Xavier Dolan. Delving a bit on the news, we have a brief statement of the Director concerning it:

“From ‘Crash’ to ‘Closer’, Besson’s ‘Professional’, ‘About a Boy’, ‘Skins’ and more recently ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, Natalie, Thandie and Nicholas have always inspired me, and helped define what I like and find exciting in acting, so there is an almost karmic peculiarity to knowing I’ll be working with them next.”

“They’re completing a list of talents whom I believe are very rare, and even rarer together. I’m excited to tell this story with them. Never has a film been so important to me, especially because its subject, diversity and identity in film, has never felt so real, and dire”

It is still uncertain when they start filming; Some reports speak of this spring, and others of a shooting along this year. In between, we remember that Natalie also will shoot “Annihilation”, with Alex Garland.

-Meanwhile, Natalie will finish filming Jackie soon. According to Juan de Dios Larrain, brother of Pablo and co-producer of the movie, they will begin a second phase of filming in March, this time on location in USA

-In another vein, and talking about past releases, There are a couple of new cool stuff about “Knight of Cups”…

A new (and great) still of the movie:

Foto 14-2-16 10 15 37

… and this short video of KoC Berlin Premiere, recorded inside the theatre, which is really nice:

-Finally, it seems that Jane Got a Gun, the last release of the actress, has at least one passionate fan … Stephen King:

More Planetarium

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Natalie was snapped filming Plantarium in Paris again, this time on Tuesday. Hit the thumb below to check out the gallery. Thanks to Belerofonte and Iktriad.

Natalie Portman shoots Planetarium in Paris

Planetarium Tidbits

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Rachel will hopefully post some new Planetarium set photos today but in the meantime, here are some other odds and ends from earlier in the week.

– Let’s begin with two videos of Natalie filming on Monday night. Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.

– Natalie’s character is smoking in that scene and her sister in the film, Lily-Rose Depp, also seems to be fond of cigarettes.
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First Look – Natalie In Planetarium

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The Daily Mail has the first photos of Natalie filming Planetarium, her first French language film. It’s strange to see Natalie with a cigarette in hand (on screen) as previously she has gone out of her way not to depict smoking on screen.

Amazing outfit though and I excitement level has definitely bumped up a notch or two. How about you?

Natalie Portman filming Planetarium

Thanks to Belerofonte.


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It wouldn’t be the weekend without tidbits…okay, that’s patently false but let’s just run with that anyway.

– Natalie may be attending the Krakow Film Spring Open this weekend, after being invited by her ATOLAD cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. Slawomir says that Natalie won’t be doing press but will be giving a talk about the film.

– The Playlist have ranked all the characters from Wes Anderson films and Natalie’s Hotel Chevalier character lands at number #58.

The short that accompanies “The Darjeeling Limited” is probably a better film than the undisciplined main feature, not least because of this unusually sexy and explicit turn from Portman as Jack’s (Schwartzman) mysteriously bruised, enigmatic but soulful on/off girlfriend.

– Planetarium continues filming and Belerfonte found this Instagram shot, which doesn’t have Natalie but gives you a sense of the period style that the film will have.

– Finally, the best of news of all, Rachel should be returning next week and will hopefully make sense of all the new albums that we’ve had over the past month.

Planetarium Begins

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Natalie is back in front of the camera again for Rebecca Zlotowski’s Planetarium, Natalie’s first French language film. Filming began this week and Belerofonte found the first photo from the set.

Natalie Portman with Planetarium team

Berlinale Interview

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Now that news is finally cooling down I can bring your attention to this Natalie interview from Berlinale. There aren’t any earth shattering revelations, but I really enjoyed all of the answers. The topics cover working with Malick a lot, how they first met a decade ago, his influence on shooting Natalie’s own A Tale of Love and Darkness, and what success and failure means to her.

But below I’m quoting the passage about her time off from acting, because it has a seemingly happy ending for us fans.

“When you have a kid and you’re an actor you are kind of forced into a long break. I was showing from day one. There was no way I was able to work when I was pregnant. You’re basically off for a year and I chose to take more time off to be with my family. It ended up being two years that I didn’t act. It was obviously a magical time in my life. But it also was good because it gave me a hunger to come back and an excitement. Renewed energy for why I want to make things and how I want to make things.”