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More Planetarium

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Natalie was snapped filming Plantarium in Paris again, this time on Tuesday. Hit the thumb below to check out the gallery. Thanks to Belerofonte and Iktriad.

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Planetarium Tidbits

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Rachel will hopefully post some new Planetarium set photos today but in the meantime, here are some other odds and ends from earlier in the week.

– Let’s begin with two videos of Natalie filming on Monday night. Thanks to Belerofonte and Kitten.

– Natalie’s character is smoking in that scene and her sister in the film, Lily-Rose Depp, also seems to be fond of cigarettes.

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First Look – Natalie In Planetarium

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  The Daily Mail has the first photos of Natalie filming Planetarium, her first French language film. It's strange to see Natalie with a cigarette in hand (on screen) as…

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  It wouldn't be the weekend without tidbits...okay, that's patently false but let's just run with that anyway. - Natalie may be attending the Krakow Film Spring Open this weekend,…

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Planetarium Begins

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  Natalie is back in front of the camera again for Rebecca Zlotowski's Planetarium, Natalie's first French language film. Filming began this week and Belerofonte found the first photo from…

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Berlinale Interview

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  Now that news is finally cooling down I can bring your attention to this Natalie interview from Berlinale. There aren't any earth shattering revelations, but I really enjoyed all…

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Jane On Set

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  It's great seeing Jane Got A Gun content finally emerging from the shadows. Today we have the first on set photo of Natalie. She's posing with Joel Edgerton, writer…

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The image of Natalie from the Untitled Terrence Malick film, which we posted on Thursday, received quite a lot of attention on our Facebook page – a reach of almost 20k so far. It dawned on me that a) there may be a lot of Natalie fans who weren’t around during the filming and missed all those great set photos and b) sex appeal sells.

So here is a little trip down memory lane – a few of the sexy looks that we might get to see in the film, if they make the cut. I’m not including any images that I feel could be too big of a spoiler, so obviously tread with caution if that worries you.

*EXCLUSIVE* Natalie Portman brings sexy to the set of the Untilted Terrence Malick Project EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Portman shows off her new blonde locks while filming in Austin, TX

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