It wouldn’t be the weekend without tidbits…okay, that’s patently false but let’s just run with that anyway.

– Natalie may be attending the Krakow Film Spring Open this weekend, after being invited by her ATOLAD cinematographer, Slawomir Idziak. Slawomir says that Natalie won’t be doing press but will be giving a talk about the film.

– The Playlist have ranked all the characters from Wes Anderson films and Natalie’s Hotel Chevalier character lands at number #58.

The short that accompanies “The Darjeeling Limited” is probably a better film than the undisciplined main feature, not least because of this unusually sexy and explicit turn from Portman as Jack’s (Schwartzman) mysteriously bruised, enigmatic but soulful on/off girlfriend.

– Planetarium continues filming and Belerfonte found this Instagram shot, which doesn’t have Natalie but gives you a sense of the period style that the film will have.

– Finally, the best of news of all, Rachel should be returning next week and will hopefully make sense of all the new albums that we’ve had over the past month.