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By August 26, 2012Nat-news

As we mentioned a couple days ago, Natalie made an appearance in Las Vegas for the Nevada Women 2012 Vote Summit. Hopefully we can get a video of Natalie’s speech, but in the meantime below is a recent interview about the elections as well as a link to a ton of photos from the event.

“I think the thing that is most upsetting in the past four years is how partisan they’ve been in blocking Obama’s reforms. All of us should be putting our country first.”

The 31-year-old Israeli actress also noted that if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were to be elected, women’s health care and equal rights would take a big step backwards, adding , “We would go back to the days where being pregnant is a pre-existing condition.”

As for choosing this particular event while pitching in on the campaign efforts, Natalie explained, “Nevada is a battleground state and the women are really going to decide this election.”


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  • @donnarollwithit says:

    Dear Natalie, I attended the Women’s event where you spoke so eloquently. You brought tears to my eyes. I am a working disabled fighting for equal pay who has a young 25/yr daughter who has just followed your career & your political stand and she is fighting back and is a relentless volunteer as were many women there who had arrived early & worked tirelessly, not because of the speakers though were very much worth the day as many guest speakers are, but we do it all the time because we want Obama re-elected. Unlike many of the workers on the campaign, we are volunteers. So as I say rarely am I moved to seek a speaker out. So I got my oxygen, cane, & broken foot and waded through many people just to try and get a photo, or something. I was surprised that a group who came to energize a base to give of our time, and speak to volunteers whom had already been there for hours on their feet or in my case 1/2 a foot, did not plan time to interact for at least 10 minutes. Well your security was very adequate but how well do you have to be with someone one on one leg and oxygen who just asked for a simple autographs from the speakers & you, not for your performance in Srar Wars which was alright but your speech which brought tears to my ears because that was real. I truly wish I could have shook your hand or obtained your autograph and I will continue to volunteer, because I believe in Mr. Obama. I was just a wee bit disappointed those who came out & stood on the heat, or arrived hours early & YES their final pay is 4 more years for Obama. but a bonus would have been a 1 min handshake, or several organized group photos at least for volunteers or those agreeing to party as incentive to take the first step. We are not paid like some some so a small photo incentive keeps people FIRED UP! I always am. I volunteer to work 5 days week anyway but for those who worked that day tirelessly. Keep doing what you do because you brought tears to my eyes. You were amazing! I needed tissues big time. We are lucky to have someone of your stature on our Team Obama/Biden 2012. Thank you for coming even tough I didn’t get close enough. You were wonderful

  • DMarek says:

    she looks great (:

  • DanHolt says:

    Women should learn preventative maintenance. As these health funding programs are somewhat based on a woman not taking self responsiblity. More awareness of preventative action needs to be made known. In some ways they’re not nearly as effective as alternatives. But this is for guys too.

  • Ashmiester says:

    Her dad being a doctor, I’m surprised she’d support Obama again.

  • DMarek says:

    she is great person and looks so good 🙂

  • DanHolt says:

    Do you have any video recordings of this? And do you have lots of video recordings to share of all Natalie Portman’s big speeches and lectures? She’s so extremely intelligent and it’s hard to comment about her stuff without reviewing all of her amazing speeches. I haven’t looked into it enough but I do feel Natalie is supporting unnecessary spending of health for people, and focus and spending on ineffective health as I feel that’s what politics has been focusing on. I do feel money needs to be put into health in the right areas which it currently isn’t, as it focuses on fixing the symptoms instead of the problems. This makes health care way more expensive than it should be because it’s a lot more expensive to do that way. Fixing the problem instead of the symptoms would also reduce the huge amount of lawsuits hospitals receive. I can easily browse around for cheaper alternative care that’s a lot more expensive in all the different subjects. I wonder why people haven’t come together to change around modern medical practices. Big pharma is the biggest problem, if only they marketed the effective supplements and nutrition instead of all of their faulty medicine that’s causing most of the health problems we’re wasting our money on for this expensive health care. Most of the health problems would be fixed or wouldn’t exist with alternative practices, and the more attention can be taken to the stuff our system is behind on people’s care for.

  • Adonis says:

    I see that Natalie eventually engaged in politics – I would find it very well – why not?
    Natalie is famous, intelligent, beautiful, it has everything you might need to be successful in politics …
    But to be for a politician, she has plenty of time – now it is called first to make great movies, and they will make it.

  • DanHolt says:

    Will she come up with any effective approaches for a better world whether it’s through politics or other programs. She’s only for the minorities and the weak programs so far so nothing I’ve seen her support concerns me as an American. What she supports is far from my interest or even the majority interests of this country, or the modern world. If anything she has been working against my demographic, which composes 80% of this country alone, but she doesn’t support the interests of most of the modern world’s people either.

  • USFcollege says:

    I read your democratic views on Wonderwall. SHAME ON YOU. You are an Israeli born woman and you can support President Obama’s treatment of Israel, our staunch ally in the Mid-East? He visited Pakistan and could not spend a few minutes visiting Israel. Additionally, have you ever seen how a late-term abortion KILLS a baby? Maybe you should watch a video and see how that helpless creature is killed. Apparently, your mother was ProLife because you are here. Late term abortions, supported by Pres. Obama, should be a crime.

  • omgzrachel says:

    USFcollege, no one gets a late term abortion because they want to. You and DanHolt are fuckin’ idiots, I swear.

  • Yabba says:

    This woman is a political dolt!

  • omgzrachel says:

    And I suppose throwing her fellow women under the bus and supporting a Romney/Ryan ticket–scumbags who would see American women sent back to the 1950s–would not make her a dolt? Right. Whether you agree with Obama’s politics or not, the GOP’s backwards policies and their dialogue during this election year are absolutely abhorrent. How can they claim to be focused on fixing the economy when all of their talking points have been how they can continue to screw over women, gays, the middle class, affordable health care, etc.?

  • StarWarsObsessed says:

    I can understand Natalie supporting Obama seeing as she shares his views on gay rights, and Obama does claim to be for peace, though he does little to really end war…
    I’m with DanHolt, Ashmiester, and USFcollege though… Obama’s main politics…not cool. He’s all about government healthcare which more than half the country doesn’t even want, and it’s not really affordable as it leads to tax increase, people getting lower salaries…
    Though ultimately it bothers me that Obama not only is for abortion all nine months of pregnancy but also favors infanticide. :/ Obama does have some good ideas but…they just don’t work.

  • DanHolt says:

    Women already have a lot of care in this country and are treated as equals. Many of those extra programs are wasteful as I’ve seen how week the healthcare system is in this country. If anything guys have just as bad of care as women, and extra spending on useless programs will just make it worse. Those programs always help out people that aren’t us for some reason and this is a poverty income guy speaking. I wish she’d represent the majority instead of the minority, even for the majority of women in this country too. It seems like they only focus on the rich 1.5% and the marginal regressive percentage (the programs don’t help them that much either). That and the crime of this country. Probably because those are all easier. You can give your child for adoption instead of getting an abortion. There are lot of parents that want to adopt according to Dr. Laura Schlessinger instead of brutally murdering them in cold blood, they feel the pain of death too. So it was pointless to kill that innocent child when you could have put it up for adoption I’ve read the soul enters into the fetus as soon as 3 weeks of pregnancy so if you do decide to get an abortion I hope there’s a technique to abort it in the first week of pregnancy, I’m not aware but there probably is and that’s probably what they do.

  • omgzrachel says:

    DanHolt, it is incredibly insulting for you to speak on behalf of women when you’re coming from a place of ignorance and privilege. As a straight, white male (I’m assuming, given your homophobic and racist statements in other threads) I’m sure you enjoy a lot of it. Check your privilege and educate yourself, bro.

  • DanHolt says:

    I haven’t said anything homophobic anywhere on this web-site. I do think gay people are in your face about it and so it’s really annoying. For that I think only lesbian marriage should be legalized. I do say faggot to blast just about anybody. I’m straight.

  • DanHolt says:

    I haven’t said anything racist on this thread either. I believe 78.5% of this country needs to be represented as they’re not. Instead only the rich 1.5% and the marginal minority are represented, which racism or sexism has nothing to do with the other 78.5% which includes women, people of different colors, and people of all classes. So the marginal minority is represented as a cheap strategy to gain followers in a political campaign because they don’t care about the rest of us. I do not like people IQ 70-100 who are being supported to have 5 children and feel IQs 120 and up who are currently only having 1.5 children that aren’t a part of the rich 1.5% need to be better represented. We’re funding so much in 3rd world countries we do not focus on the modern world countries instead, expanding the economy and making low class disappear by increase middle and rich class. She has not gotten into the major issues that plague our present and future. And so because we’re not doing anything about them major catastrophe is going to happen within 25-48 years. I do not feel the IQs 70-100 should be focused on as they are to have their 5 70-100 IQ children each further increasing problems. Oil runs out in 25 years causing lots of problems. A civil war in this country and World War 3 will break out within that time period with a worldwide launch of nukes connected to emps. By the end of the final 7 years 80% of mankind will have died, and the USA will get it the worse. With the mass launch of nukes connected with emps our electricity sources will be permanently shut down. By 2052 many of the world’s food resources will run out.

  • omgzrachel says:

    You didn’t say anything racist in this thread, but you’ve made really bizarre racial comments in another (that were never approved because they were dripping with misogyny and homophobia). You can’t claim to not be homophobic and still use slurs like “faggot” and “dyke” and complain about gays ~flaunting their lifestyle~

    This thread is going to give me a rage stroke. I’m out.