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Natalie Portman Instagram Roundup

Just a couple of weeks ago we posted a look back at Natalie’s first 19 months on Instagram. Well, we’ve already had a couple more contending posts for that list like this cool slow-mo video for WeDay.

There has been a lot more Natalie Portman activity on Instagram recently, from other posters, so here is a roundup of some of those posts.

Natalie Portman Instagram Roundup

We begin with a Times Up post with a slideshow featuring the USWNT, Natalie and other supporters of the movement.

Following on from that is another post for #TIMESUPPAYUP from influencer Alli Forsythe.

Next up, Natalie and Benjamin Millepied were in the background of a selfie from Michal Sobocinski, whose father Piotr is a talented cinematographer. Natalie’s grin is dee-lightful, don’t you think?

Now for an absolutely adorable snap shared by Michael Rappaport, who acted with Natalie in one of her first films – playing the inappropriately crushing Marty in Beautiful GIrls.

Finally, a bunch of Dior related posts to end on a glam note.

That’s it for now. Want to thank Bonifazious for the tips. Stay tuned for more Instagram updates soon.

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